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Monday, 22 September 2014

Can we Open Source our democracy? We start at Occupy Sydney Oct 11 2014

  Why would we wait for someone to serve up to democracy that we aspire to? Does it matter which party wins? Haven't we learned from the lessons of history? Which Party once in power ever honoured its platform its commitment? 
 So how about building our own peoples democracy? A political system where all have a say. Where the people can choose the platforms and the candidates. Funding and donors all publicly displayed.

 Hear how this will work at Local body ,State and Federal elections.  

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Home grown terrorism but not as they told it

So the politians and MSMs corporate masters want your attention fixed on faraway Iraq and Syria where in the past two decades unspeakable horrors have been perpetrated on a wearied people by all sides including the Coalition of the killing. Your Australian political opportunist leaders seized the chance to shift your focus over there dulling the thud of the jackboot they are applying at home.
  The horror posibility that political activists and others deemed to be terrorists should be subject to torture is Brandiss proposed reality. And if we are not careful these faux leaders may impose a legalised Australian Guantanamo Bay on us all.