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  The Occupy Sydney Protest and Proactivist Movement Occupied in Martin Place Sydney on October 15 2011. While Police were openly hostile The City of Sydney were at worst ambivalent with Lord Mayor Clover Moore stating that anti-Occupy Police actions were not on the Councils orders. Relations between Council management and Occupy Sydney Occupation participants were cordial with each going some way to accommodate the others interests. Council were not concerned about Occupy Sydney until 18 months later when Occupy Sydney formalised ad hoc arrangements already in place and visibly began a 24 hour 7 Day Homeless Resource, providing Hot Food Hot Drinks and blankets, clothes and such other needs as the public care to gift to resource the Sydney Homeless Community. 

 The City of Sydney initiated its War on Homeless - illegally attacking the Occupy Sydney FREE 24/7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource 22 times between July 3rd 2013 and 22 October 2013.We anticipate that the attacks will continue, despite Mayor Clover Moore admitting in Council that they are powerless to regulate free food distribution. 

 The Occupy Sydney FREE 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource is the only place in Australia where Homeless or Hungry People can access FREE Food , FREE Hot Drinks and FREE Blankets when they need them. Despite Council's belligerence Occupy Sydney will continue to rebuild replenish and service the #247Homeless site - and are grateful to the many donors and supporters past present and future whose genorisity of spirit , gift and time is much appreciated.
Latest initiatives: 
  • FOOD TO HOMES:we have started  delivering food into "People at risk of Homelessness" Homes. Current operation supplies bread and some other food in the Campbelltown area.Our service is based on need alone and entirely unconditional. As Food sources and People needing supply are identified we will expand geographically. 
  • SUSPEND SHOPPING: A nationally distributed Food retailer is working with us to implement a SUSPEND SHOPPING Program similar to "Suspend Coffees." This will give us the ability to distribute Food assistance on a truly national scale.
  • HOMELESS FOOD Outreach: Our Outreach team will travel to other Greater Sydney Centres to do a Homeless Food Night to raise awareness of the services we have available for them in Sydney- and perhaps spawn like Centres in their area.
  • EXPANDING interstate: Initiatives are progressing to establish #247homeless Centres like this in Brisbane and Melbourne.

 How You Can Support Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless:
Address: Corner Martin Place and Elizabeth St Sydney Australia 2000 
Postal: Occupy Sydney 56a Martin Place and Elizabeth St Sydney Australia 2000
  •  Give Time: We urgently need volunteers to help serve prepare meals talk with our community and maintain the site.
  • Gift Food: All Prepared Fresh or Packaged food accepted 24 hours a day at site.
  • Give Vouchers: Petrol and FoodStore Vouchers gratefully accepted. With your petrol vouchers our volunteer collection transporters are able to collect more and more often.
  • Gift cash: At the site (vouchers too please). Or send money to :                     
  • Paypal: occupysydney@gmail.com
  • Bitcoin: Coming soon. 
  • St George Bank: Occupy Sydney Gift Account
  • Regular Vegies Supply:
  • Regular Meat Supply:
  • Regular Bakery Supply:
  • End of Shelf Life foods: Bakeries Restaurants Events organisers Food retailers and warehouses are gifting "end of shelf life" and "near best before" Food. As we expand our collection base so we can expand our distribution such as "direct into homes."
  • Cash Gifts: we do have running costs and all funds gifted are used to defray running expenses and buy essentials. 



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