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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ban The Anti Biker Laws Dec 1st All Australian Parliaments

 from 10am Sunday 1st December 2013
at NSW Parliament Macquarie St

Ban the Anti #BikieLaw  Say No to Campbell Newman's Discriminatory Motor Bike Laws Queenslands Premier has put in Place a legal framework which gives extra penalties to Biker Club members...and names affected Clubs.  

 Leaving aside the draconian nature of these laws a fundamental question needs to be asked: "Should a society have laws or penalties which apply ONLY to certain sections classes races sexes or ages within that society?" Notions of equality hold that such a situation should not be tolerated. Each person should answer the question for themselves. If your answer is that a society should NOT have separate laws applying to  some but not others then it follows that you should oppose the Queensland, and Australia wide Anti bikie laws. 

 The encroaching undermining of peoples freedoms has happened and can only happen because by doing nothing you consent. "Its not happening to me may be true today...but if you do nothing now, when your turn comes, who will defend your rights.

 The Queensland and National Anti Bikie laws are a Government response to Government driven mass hysteria scape-goating Biker Clubs for the alleged involvement of some members in some forms of Crime. If these laws are acceptable should they not apply equally to RSL Clubs or The Catholic Church? Even the Government itself? I can think of past instances where "3 or more members" of an organisation in each of these categories has been convicted of a serious indictable offence, having "acted or colluded together" -the parameters for application of "The Bikie Laws".

 In NSW the contentious Anti-Bikie Laws dont just apply to bikies.They apply to all groups including Churches , Social Clubs Trade Unions and even Media organisations. They can be used to silence Workers demands for Fairer conditions and pay or Protest Groups dissemination of information. 

If you do not wish to see YOUR RIGHTS ERODED -Stand with Bikers to Ban The Anti Biker Laws.

 Protests are called for Australia wide on December 1st. 
Qld: (Page) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Say-No-to-Campbell-Newmans-Discriminatory-Motor-Bike-Laws/603790532992332

March Against DoCS Corruption Nov 2

 The March Against DoCS Corruption bloc within the Sydney March Against Corruption invites the public to ask some very simple questions.

  • Why are DoCS (Todays Communities NSW) not obliged to electronically record all interviews with all parties to a "Child Protection" case?
  • Why are DoCS instigated Family cases not adjudicated in an open Court where the Evidence Act applies?
  • How many forcibly or coercively removed children are currently in DoCS generated Care placements, and what is the annual gross revenue cost of such placements?
  • Could the Children placed within the Care placement industry reasonably have remained in their homes or in the care of a family or community member?
  • Have DoCS or other government agencies entered into contractual agreements to provide case management NGOs with a minimum caseload and if so, how do they ensure that the caseload is met?

 These are some of the many standout questions successive government ministers Royal Commissions and Inquiries have failed to answer as successive Governments ingenuinely apologise or agonise over Stolen Generations which never ended.

 Reasonable people with reasonable questions deserve reasoned answers-not glib departmental spin. 

"The numbers will be low at the March. Most affected families have been bullied traumatised financially crippled and cowered into submission by a draconian out of control Government Department which we accuse of State Terrorism. We demand a Public Inquiry into what we say is Systemic Corruption in the relationship between DoCS/Human Services, Childrens Courts NGOs and Related Mandatory Reporting Government and NGO agencies" said a spokesperson for the organisers.  

Thursday, 24 October 2013

23rd City of Sydney Council of Thieves Attack on Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Resource

  At 8am today(24-10-2013) the City of Sydney Council of Thieves carried out their 23rd Att
When on Nov 7 2011 we said "Occupy Sydney back to Stay
we absolutely meant it"
ack on the 24-7 Homeless Site at the corner of Elizabeth St and Martin Place. 

  •  Council staff member David asked that we "not make it personal" as his children were seeing it on Facebook. We suggest that this Council Worker cease and desist from carrying out the illegal orders of his bosses-and that they stop carrying out the desires of their Corporate masters and START LISTENING TO THEIR VOTERS.
  • Council Staff member David stated that "we should keep it cleaner." Perhaps a fair request but for the fact that Council Steal our brooms dustpans bins rubbish bags. Occupiers and our Homeless community do everything we can to keep the area as clean as possible.
  • On Council's apparent offer of negotiations, we are fair and reasonable people. The basis for negotiations will be for a) Council to cease and desist their theft of our resources.b) Council to make good all damage and removals costs including de-contamination they have done to resources previously taken. c) That Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource remain at the current site near the corner of Elizabeth St and Martin Place AND continue to operate 24 hours a day AND continue to serve freshly cooked nutritious food to those who cannot afford it.
  • Occupy Sydney's Position is Clear. The Council has no powers to prevent anybody giving away food. Occupy Sydney participants have (with one exception) NOT been served with ANY notice-a time sensitive requirement under the legislation which City of Sydney purports to enact. The Fact that after 23 Attacks not one Charge or violation notice has been issued invites the inference and empowers the assertion that THE COUNCIL KNOW THEIR ACTIONS ARE ILLEGAL but choose to use public resources to carry out illegal bullying attacks on a peaceful protest and homeless service in support of some Councillors desires.
  • Council had ample time PRIOR to initiating attacks to negotiate and did not do so or make any attempt.
  • Should Council wish to enter into discussions, Mayor Clover Moore AND Councillor Christine Forster are welcome to call (0410722000) and make an appointment so that PUBLIC and TRANSPARENT Negotiations can take place at the Occupy Sydney site. Other Council Officers welcome but negotiations solely with the instigators. 


"Bank victims don’t want another financial sector inquiry; they want a Royal Commission into finance sector corruption. They want senior bank managers themselves in the dock. ...NAB malpractice... will continue into the indefinite future. And none of it will be reported in the mainstream media." ~ Dr Evan Jones 17 October 2013 In January 2013 I wrote an article on the NAB foreclosure of the Priestleys’ farms, near Walgett NSW (‘Business as usual at the NAB and grab.’). The article began with: ‘The National Australia Bank is a corrupt organisation. It also runs a bank on the side....(CLICK TO READ MORE)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Chalk Wars:: The Grinch who would Steal Hopscotch

In declaring "Chalking" a crime has NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell , whether consciously or not, just fired the opening salvo in what history will recall as "The NSW Chalk Wars of 2013"?

In Texas this Santa was arrested for chalking 

Join us 

In By passing the "Chalk Laws" has Barry OFarrell started "The Chalk Wars??"

In creating this draconian legislation, has Barry OFarrell unleashed The Chalk Monster, ?

 Will people take this chalk down? Or will they chalk up?

Will the People chalk up another one for Barry or another one for the people?

The Barry OFarrell Government has introduced "Chalk Laws" outlawing chalking in NSW. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-19/nsw-anti-graffiti-laws-to-also-outlaw-hopscotch-squares/4967772 .While it is spun by government as an anti grafitti measure "Chalk Laws" outlaw a right to communicate effectively...and to play hopscotch.

Chalk can be washed away by water and "The Chalk Laws" can be washed away by YOU THE PEOPLE

 C'mon , you hopped didn't you?? YES and you had fun...but now Big Bad Barry wants to erase hopscotch from the dwindling list of Freedoms you once enjoyed.When enacted these laws will make making chalk hopscotch squares a criminal offence. 

  We strongly suspect that the reasons stated in Parliament for "Strengthening the Anti Graffitti Laws": The "Major damage to Trains" -is mere spin to soothe the public. The real reason is to make visual communication the exclusive prerogative of those who can afford to buy consent- or those singing a song which keeps a subservient public singing along . 

 Occupy Sydney question these laws as unnecessary impositions on our freedoms.Freedom of expression (including but not limited to political expression) and of course the freedom to play hopscotch.... 

March Against Corruption and To Stop the TPP Sydney Nov 2 2013

Join The Sydney March Against Corruption and to Stop the TPP 
Sat Nov 2nd 

  If you were on dry land with little risk and could not swim, would you willingly board a lifeboat which you knew was about to pull away from shore and sink? Would you also be willing to pay an undisclosed price to be on it with no destination route or reason?

 The Trans Pacific Partnership which the Australian and eleven other Pacific Rim Countries are considering signing FORCES you to do all of the above and more. The SECRET  negotiations (by elements of governments and transnational corporations} are known to the public only via a series of leaks.

 The Trans Pacific Partnership will give Trans-National Corporations such as Monsanto and Chevron (Caltex) the right to sue for compensation if a future government passes laws which inhibit their desired business strategy.For example Laws which place greater environmental protection responsibilities or exclusions on Extractive ( CSG , Tar Sands , Mining Logging ) operations. Or Laws banning Genetically modified cropping and the application of toxic Roundup.

 The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement sought by Australia and the US will extend the life cycle and application of Patents and Copyright.

 In signing away YOUR RIGHTS and FUTURE GOVERNMENTS and CONSTITUENTS LIABILITY-WITHOUT CONSULTATION  the Abbott Government follows in the muddy footprints of the former Labor Government down a path of government by consultation ONLY with vested Transnational interests. 

 This is what Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Labor Party before him want to commit you-and Future Australians to-

 the Trans Pacific Partnership could be an international agreement umbilically attaching Australia to the carcass of the dying US vulture. Heavily advantaging US based and other TransNational Corporations. 

Without government telling you what they are signing away -in your , your childrens and your future generations name.

  We demand

No TPP Fast Track
There must be full disclosure to the public AND CONSULTATION by government of the full terms to PRIOR to signing this or any agreement.  

  As Pepe Escobar points out here the USA has more than a passing vested interest in rushing the TPP through. The US wants other countries inextricably linked to its failing economic model 
In a time where Government is no longer acting in the best interests of society but instead has been high-jacked by the interests of corporations, there will be a Global Day of Action against corruption.
Some examples;

- Liberal & Labor Governments have both consented to selling out your and future Australians Rights to TransNational Corporations WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.When injustice becomes law disobedience becomes duty... JOIN HEREhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/STOPTPPAustralia/

- The Aus Govt. proposes making boycotts illegal, our last vestige of showing disproval of a companies or Government's destructive practices.

- Government Police bully farmers at the behest of CSG companies to frack their land, when by rights the Police (who have to act according to Govt. policy) are themselves not acting in the best interests of society because Govt decisions are swayed by private corporate interests-themselves subservient to transnational corporate controlled market forces.

- Government bullies citizens of Sydney to enforce coal mining and CSG in our water catchment areas when 84% of the population wants no CSG endangering our water supply.
- ASIC pushing for a 10 year sentence on Jono Moylan for bring attention to corruption when corrupt corporate official John Gay gets away with a $50,000 fine for ripping off $800,000 for personal profit.
- The US Govt. at the bidding of the private military sector charging Chelsea Manning with crimes when the war criminals she exposed go unchallenged.
- The US Govt. at the bidding of the private military sector has a secret grand jury charge against Julian Assange and our Govt. does nothing about it.
- The Russian Govt. at the behest of private oil drilling companies charges peaceful Greenpeace non violent direct action activists with piracy when all they were doing was trying to bring attention to the real crime, the destruction of our environment.

This pattern of corruption of our democratic system that must stop, Governments are at the employ of their societies and must act on our wishes. It is time we took our place with Non Violent Direct Action, together we are strong, the more People the stronger the People Power.

Our Position is VERY SIMPLE


to secret deals made in our name.




Monday, 21 October 2013

NO CSG Protest at the East Coast Gas Conference 11am Tues Oct 22 ;30 PITT ST SYDNEY

At this conference they will be discussing ways for Agriculture and CSG to Co-Exist - THEY CAN'T CO-EXIST LETS TELL THEM LOUD AND CLEAR
MAP http://goo.gl/maps/88aGm
They will also be outlining the Progress in NSW toward CSG Licensing and Regulation... NO REGULATION CAN PROTECT US FROM THE DANGERS CSG PRESENTS TO OUR WATER, AIR AND SOIL!

HERE IS OUR CHANCE to tell the new government that we are not a MINORITY group, but rather WE ARE THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE...very important that we take this opportunity to define our movement to them.

Both the NSW & QLD Energy and Resources Ministers, Chris Hartcher and Mark McArdle were supposed to be presenting at this conference - but at the last minute have decided to send representatives instead....

22 October 2013 | Sydney Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay.

Further details: http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/mining-conference/oil-gas-conference/east-coast-gas-outlook

Our speakers are as follows:-

11.10 Melinda Wilson CSG Free Western Sydney

11.15 Jacinta Tobin Welcome to Country

11.20 Luke Wilton Anti CSG Singer

12.00 Naomi Hogan The Wilderness Society

12.10 Dr Sophie Cohen & Doctors for the Environment
Nimna De Silva

12.20 Anne Dean CSG Free Shoalhaven

12.25 Pip Hinman Socialist Alliance

12.30 Anne Thompson Knitting Nannas

12.35 Sharon Wikinson Stop CSG Blue Mountains

12.40 Frances Knitting Nannas

12.45 Melinda Wilson CSG Free Western Sydney

12.50 Alfred Gomaroi Nation

12.55 Adrian Stop CSG Illawarra

1.00 Luke Wilton Anti CSG Singer

Checkout the his great anti csg songs here:

LETS ensure they hear us loud and clear. NO CSG to poision our water and farmland.

The following speakers will also be at their mining conference.
Peter Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Metgasco
- David Green OBE, Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council
- Clare Savage, Group Executive Manager, Strategy and Corporate Affairs, EnergyAustralia
- Damian Dwyer, Director Economics, Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association, APPEA
- Cameron O'Reilly, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Retailers Association of Australia
- Tim Reardon, Executive Director, National Generators' Forum
- Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, HSBC Australia
- Andrew Gregson, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Irrigators' Council
- Jock Laurie, Land and Water Commissioner, NSW Department of Trade and Investment
- Innes Willox, Chief Executive, Ai Group Eric Perez, Policy Manager, Australian Aluminium Council
- Greg Ellis, Managing Director, Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd
- Sue Morphet, Chairman, Manufacturing Australia
- Andy Lukas, Director, AJ Lucas Group Limited
- John Wells, Managing Director, Enerdrill Inc
- Steve Davies, Policy Adviser, Australian Pipeline Industry Association
- Jason Steed, Executive Director, JP Morgan
- Glen Gill, Principal, Innovative Energy Consulting
- Phil Barresi, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Users Association of Australia
- Richard Holliday, Commercial Manager, Icon Energy
- Paul Howes, Secretary, Australian Workers' Union
- Robbert de Weijer, Chief Executive Officer, Armour Energy c

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

ISJA:Alice Black Deaths In Custody Inquest: Did Shackling Sick Prisoner Contribute?

The latest in a cruelly long list of Aboriginal Deaths in Custody has its Coronial sequel in Alice Springs. This time the bereaved and beleagured family have the assistance of pre-eminent Sydney Counsel and a supporting paralegal. Also batting for the Family is long term Indigenous Social Justice Association President Mr Ray Jackson whose organisation has a long history of working with and supporting Families of Deaths In Custody and Police Brutality victims. 

Media Release from ISJA: via Alex Johnson:

Alex Pademelon Johnson
Dear friends and comrades,

Ray Jackson is helping in a Death In Custody inquest in Alice Spring. This is the first press release read it and follow the others because is possible that the police and governments would try to stop the truth coming out. (Nothing new)




The President of the Association, Ray Jackson, has travelled from Sydney to Alice Springs to assist the Clarke Family at the Coronial Inquest of their loved one, Peter Alexander Clarke.

The Inquest begins on Tuesday the 15th of October 2013 and is listed for three days.

ISJA agrees with the family view that this is indeed an “Inquest with a Difference”.

The differences are brought about firstly by the family being represented at this Inquest by an eminent and well-respected private Barrister, Mr John E. Rowe of Windeyer Chambers in Sydney. Mr Rowe has represented families in Inquests over many years in a number of Jurisdictions.

Mr Rowe will be assisted by Paralegal Carl Hughes. Mr Hughes, who has worked with Mr Rowe on previous occasions, has extensive experience himself in Coronial Inquests, particularly Death in Custody matters throughout Australia.

Peter Clarke died tragically in the Intensive Care Unit of Alice Springs Hospital on 3 April 2012. He had been transferred to the hospital from the Alice Springs Goal on 19 March 2012 in a very serious medical condition.

Peter had been unwell in the goal for up to a week or more. He complained of a chronic cough and was in respiratory distress. The family, and ISJA, believes that Peter should have been transferred to hospital much sooner. Thus far, the Goal has not given the Family any explanation whatsoever for this delay.

We know that the Coroner will assist us in finding out why this delay occurred.

Soon after arriving at the Alice Springs Hospital, the doctors were forced to transfer Peter to the Intensive Care Unit where he was put into an induced coma with a tube down his throat.

Despite his comatose condition, the Northern Territory Goal System had him shackled to his bed.

Such an event caused great stress to those family members who were able to visit him only to find him shackled by his ankle to the hospital bed.

It is also believed that Peter was further traumatized and shamed by this unnecessary and inhumane practice.

The second difference in Peter’s Inquest is that the family strongly urge the N.T.Coroner to review the practice of shackling in N.T.Goals and in hospitals. The Goal system demands that all prisoners who are being treated in hospital have a 24 hour guard place on them and that they be shackled at all times.

This practice continues as in Peter’s case where he was in an induced coma. The reason given by the N.T.Goal system is that Inmates might escape.

This situation is just farcical.

Peter had received great support from the CAALAS Social Worker concerning his Parole Application. He was due to be released on 26 March 2012 but at that time he most certainly was not in a physical condition to have participated in any Parole process.

Sadly, Peter Clarke died on the 3rd of April 2012.

The third issue in this Inquest is for the Coroner to investigate why the ICU and other hospital staff did not immediately report Peter’s death to the N.T. Coroner as a “…reportable Death in Custody” within the meaning of the N.T.Coroner’s Act.

The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Recommendations clearly shows that R 6 [Recommendation 6] identifies Peter as a Death in Custody.

Peter had been transferred to the hospital from the Goal and R 10 [Recommendation 10] states that it is the sole responsibility of the Goal Governor to make direct contact with the N.T Coroner’s Office in order to inform them of an Inmates Death.

In Peter’s case, this did not occur.

Instead, for a period of about seven days, Peter lay in the Hospital morgue because the responsible authorities were arguing as to the correct status of his death.

The ridiculous excuse was given that Peter had been granted his parole although in a comatose state.

Ray Jackson, at the Families request, wrote** to the then Minister for Justice and Attorney General Mr Daniel Knight, on 20th July 2012 relative to the identification of Mr Peter Clarke. [**Letter available on request.]

ISJA also had the need to write to the then Minister for Health Mr Konstantine Vatskalas on 1st August 2012 on a matter of great concern for the Mr Clarke family.

This introduces difference number 4. During Peter’s time spent at the ICU, a procedure, known as Bronchoscopy was carried out by Associate Professor Graeme Maquire. The Bronchoscopy examined Peter’s upper airways.

The procedure also enabled the collection of fluid from his upper airways (“washings”) and when examined at a special laboratory a non-tuberculous bacterium was grown.

Increasingly, this type of bacterium has been associated with chronic (long term) serious chest infections.

Being aware of the potential of the Bacterium to cause chronic infections, especially in immune-suppress populations (as may be found in most Australian Goals) ISJA wrote to the N.T. Minister for Health to advise him of this information and for him to address it. To this date, we have not even received a courteous reply form the N.T.Minister of Health or the Department of Health.

The Family is very concerned that the time given to this inquest will not be adequate to explore these most important issues. The Family anxiously awaits the Coroner’s investigation and trusts that the inquest will thoroughly examine the above important issues.

For further information please contact the Family media spokesperson Mr Ray Jackson on 0450.651.063

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

#TPP The Biggest Threat to the Internet you've probably never heard of

You cheered when the little lamented Gillard Government let a beleagured Senator Conroy off the Hook by dumping its hated Cleanfeed proposal while supporting the National Broadband Network. Here is Cleanfeed on Steroids except you are NOT forewarned. In 2008 the Australian Government began SECRET negotiations to enter Australia into this draconian Corporate serving Trade Pact WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE...

  • The Trans Pacific Partnership will give Corporations the Right to decide whose backyard they Frack for CSG and take away your right to object

  • When things don't go according to a Corporate Plan, the Corporation can sue and be compensated by your tax dollars...
What to do??

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

2nd Anniversary From 11am 12 October 2013

Food Security: controlled by the people ourselves means not only disenfranchising Corporations which
seek to monopolise Food sectors but reconnecting with the knowledge and resources to maintain self controlled food supply
Whats wrong: Genetically Modified Foods
MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO (11am from Town Hall ) will precede the Anniversary and the #NoGMO #FoodSecurity message will Open the Anniversary.https://www.facebook.com/events/123768194496003/

.Whats Right Sustainable Permaculture

Desertification, climate extremes, weed infestations and fire storms are just some of the many symptoms of our impact on the environment. As biodiversity decreases pest and disease increase and with the lose of biodiversity comes pestilence and plague.  Its time we stopped reacting to the symptoms of our poor land management practices and begin acting.  Come and hear how Equilibrium Future Solutions is working closely with community to implement and demonstrate holistic approaches to our current environmental and social dis function.  Ian Sutton of Equilibrium Future Solutions (Sustainable Permaculture) will be Speaking at the Anniversary & Hosting a breakout group/ infodesk after https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equilibrium-Future-Solutions-Inc/263255263696842
Whats Right: 24-7 Food and Drink For Homeless Hungry and Cold People:
Occupy Sydney have been providing FREE FOOD Hot Drinks Clothes and Blankets 24 hours a day since April 2013. All are crowd sources FREE FOOD will be available from the expanded #247Homeless Hungry & Cold Peoples Resource with Free Hot Drinks also available. https://www.facebook.com/OccupySydneyHomelessSupportNetwork

Whats Right: A Solar Cooking demonstration will show how to make procure and use some inexpensive solar cooking equipment -leverage FREE RENEWABLE ENERGY FROM THE SUN  

NSW Dept of Communities -which as a reward for their incompetence in managing their Childrens responsibilities have been given Health Housing and Education -are The NSW State Terrorist Department beating countless hapless families into submission with powers Nazis wish they had- Courts where the evidence act doesnt apply- the ability to write reports without recordings and reinvent truth to suit their own state child abduction agenda. It would be absolutely and utterly remiss of us not to give disaffected people the opportunity to include their issues at the anniversary while informing the wider public whats really going on...Thanks Colleen Fuller of Occupy CAP and Docsbusters for taking on that responsibility.

The Stand up for the Burrup Campaign advocate for the unconditional insitu preservation of the Oldest and largest collection of Rock Carvings in the World- At the Burrup (Dampier Peninusla) in Western Australia.In an unconsciencable act of heritage vandalism WA and Federal Governments have adopted an Eyes wide shut view as industry extractives and Shipping priorities have held sway over development of the area. The Burrup has only limited Protection at State level.It should be World Heritage listed. 

 Occupy Sydney have been a participant in the local element of this Global Campaign. Stand up for the Burrup have generously consented to production of a Special Occupy Sydney 2nd Anniversary Edition of their CD being released especially for the Anniversary - Stand up for the Burrup will have an onsite info desk. 

The Farmers Report: How NAB cheated a 100 year Farming Family:  Its Always Been About the Banks: If we took away Corporate welfare and Governments penchant for protecting bankers and Corporate Gods from the people we would be a huge step closer to a reason to de-Occupy. Claire and Chris Priestley fought a valiant struggle against the mega resources of NAB- they never had the Opportunity to have the facts of their case tested in Court. Occupy Sydney have supported them through as much of their case as we could. Hear their story ....
IDLENOMORE Solidarity Sydney Australia will have an info deskhttps://www.facebook.com/IdleNoMoreSydneyAustralia 

OCCUPY Spirit -The Yoga Community has been with Occupy since day one and have a dedicated space... https://www.facebook.com/events/415355218566491/

At 3pm No Basics Card No Work-for-Dole No Intervention Rally 

Single Parents will raise the issues of being forced onto Newstart and the downstream negative impacts.
Concerned Newstart Centrelink clients will speak out on effects of Abbotts draconian proposed policies.
The Intervention Basics Card Income Management and Work for the Dole will be addressed.
Open Mic

5pm Occupy Sydney Release National Strategy for Housing Affordability and to End Homelessness:  https://www.facebook.com/events/534045776674722/

There Will be a Freestore and a Peoples Library operating  near the Kitchen at the Occupation site


Entertainment will be headlined by Liberation Front ...

Sunday, 6 October 2013

National Strategy to end Homelessness and Ensure Housing Affordability.5pm Oct 12 @ Occupy Sydney Anniversary

A swarm of Government departments and Peak Bodies NGOs have monopolised the Australian discussion about Housing and Housing Affordability for decades. Under their stewardship housing has become less affordable and homelessness is firmly entrenched. Every year there is a call for more funding. Government departments get bigger. NGOs get bigger. And the problem gets bigger. 
Doesnt that sound like a complete waste of taxpayers and donors dollars to you? 
We need to end the Housing Affordability Crisis.

 Our proposal includes;

Immediately ending negative gearing for non resident investors.

Adding a Municipal responsibility that all businesses workforces be assessed quantifying exactly how much each employee will be paid and where they will be able to afford to live in that authoritys limits.

Forcing all Motels Hotels Serviced Apartment Complexes and Travel Accommodation Service Providers to give over a percentage of their accommodation to affordable housing. With tax breaks .

Affordable housing purchase to be indexed at 30% of nett income. Rent at 15%

Come and have your say on Australia's lack of Housing Affordability and Ending Homelessness Nationally 

5pm October 12 2013 @ Occupy Sydney 

An Event within the Occupy Sydney 2nd Anniversary :

Saturday, 5 October 2013

PROTEST Abbotts Wholesale Corporate Welfare via the #TPP -The Trans Pacific Partnership

 On October 12 2013 Occupy Sydney will join with a Community of Concerned Citizens to Protest PM Abbotts intention to sell the Australian Public out in the Secret Trans Pacific Partnership.

  New PM Tony Abbott has not yet recalled Parliament. To our knowledge . And why bother? Like his predecessors back to at least the Fraser years (and possibly further) Abbott acts not in the interests of the Australian public, but of Huge multinational corporations and foreign governments. His style represents a new low in Government transparency for Australia at the same time when his government are continuing the Howard/Gillard attack on Social Welfare Claimants. 

 The Australian Public were NOT asked to approve this international agreement which guarantees international corporations profits and affords them the ability to be compensated for loss from tax revenue FOR WHATEVER REASONS.

  • In the USA Corporations such as Monsanto and Haliburton were priveleged to be given access and input on the Formative TPP long before Congress.
  • The TPP has been negotiated in Secret Meetings behind Closed doors.
  • Leaked draft texts of the agreement show that the IP chapter would have extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of speech, right to privacy and due process, and hinder peoples' abilities to innovate.
  • TRANSPARENCY: The entire process has shut out multi-stakeholder participation and is shrouded in secrecy.
  • Australians and Citizens of the other #TPP countries will lose the right to question Corporations business methods even when they potentially impact the local environment or community as Fracking and Tar Sands extraction do.
  • SEE MORE Here....
  • Join us and PROTEST the TPP in Australia Sat Oct 12 2013 as we March Against Monsanto 
  • AA

Rally #Oct12 3pm -No Basics Card! No Work for Dole! No Intervention ! Society before Economy

Abbot has flagged a series of "Penalise the Unemployed" measures. Expanded Intervention/ Quarantining takes away the Claimants ability to budget effectively by reducing procurement options to the two most expensive options for fresh food in Australia. Mandatory Quarantining is a small business killer too. Fruit and Veg Shops in low socio economic areas will close and their owners will perhaps join the Dole Queues and rows of corporate wageslaves 

  • Abbotts policies are a direct continuation of the Howard /Rudd / Gillard / Rudd policies which rob the poor to feed the greedy. 
  • A Workshop for Affected and Potentially Effected People will develop information support and strategies aiming to deal with these anti people changes.
  • A call will be put out to Unions to place work bans on all Centrelink based activities related to basics cards and work for the dole.
  • A Proposal to boycott ALL Work-For-The-Dole Agencies and Basics Card outlets will be put.

CENTRELINK CLIENTS are CLAIMANTS not BENEFICIARIES!! When they work they pay tax so the Government supports them when they do not.

Going forward an invitation to the formation meeting of The Claimants Alliance will be put out.

Endorsed by Stop The Intervention Collective (STICS) and Occupy Sydney as participants in this grassroots Event