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Friday, 23 August 2013

Single Parents under attack; We DEMAND our pensions back


  From Jan 1 2013 Single Parents whose youngest child is 8 years or older lost access to The Single Parents Pension and were forced onto the unstable onerous Newstart Allowance.

ANationwide Single Parents Rallies 24th August 2013

Sydney Rally 11:30am:  https://www.facebook.com/events/537930259594280/

media: 0450266938 - 

  •  Single Parents lost between $120 and $300 per fortnight in income alone- at a time when Politicians received 3 pay rises in 18 months.
  • As well as the monetary loss Single Parents have lost a range of concessions. Instead they now have to meet onerous Job Network Provisions which deprive them of time and the capability to plan their time effectively around their families needs.Job Network Agencies impose their self serving timelines instead.
  • Many Single Parented Families have been forced from their Homes by the simple fact that they are no longer able to meet Housing Costs. Some have been forced to take accommodation in rural areas where no jobs exist. Others have been forced to return to live with abusive spouses. Many Single Parented Families are now Homeless, forced to live in tents or where ever they can.
  • Parenting should be valued. Parenting is the basis of Family.Family is the basis of Community.Community is the basis of a vibrant society. We must not consent to undermining these basic building blocks.
Occupy Sydney join with Single Parents in demanding immediate restoration of Single Parents Pensions - as an option For all Single Parents until their youngest child turns 18. 
  The Labor Federal Government and Liberal led opposition have agreed that there should be no reversal of the decision to (from Jan1 2013) take Single Parents  Pensions away from Single Parented families as their children turn eight years of age. Single Parented families are now forced onto invasive Newstart where under "Mutual  Obligation they are forced to become income generator units for Job Network Agencies.

Occupy Sydney suggest that Single Parents Families and supporters who wish to participate in the upcoming 2013 Oz elections vote elsewhere and put Liberal and Labor last.

Many Single Parents already choose to work at least part time. In fact the official statistics below clearly show that the majority of Single Parents of children aged 6 plus work.  They have struck a life balance which accommodates their families needs and their ability to work. As Newstart Clients the option of holidays is gone with many being forced to leave permanent part time jobs to suit the contractual obligations of belligerent Job Network Agencies. Other Single Parents have been forced to give up long term part time work as earnings from these sources are eroded by onerous extra Jobseeker related commitments. Column Graph: Shows how the percentage of employed lone parents decreases with age of youngest dependant
 Single Parents forced onto Newstart have lost their family holidays as unrelenting Job Network Service Providers force them onto programs which keep the Service Provider funded but usually provide no benefits to the Single Parent. These Job Network "Training modules"- often providing training with zero meaningful independent recognition, have the almost universal effect of costing Single Parents in both monetary terms and in stress. 
  Single Parents play a vital role in raising their children.Their children deserve to know that their parent is always there for them. It is vital that single parents retain the flexibility to cater to their childrens ever changing societal sporting educational and emergency needs in a timely manner. Few selected to become single parents.  The overwhelming majority of Single Parents do a creditable job of raising their children as positively contributing members of society. 

 If in two parent families each parent has 50% parental responsibility then a single parent has 100% responsibility.

  •   Sydney Single Parents demand a return of Single Parent Pension availability to All Single Parents with Child caring responsibilities as of Right.
  • Sydney Single Parents DO NOT endorse ANY Policy which takes away their Choice to Work or Care for their children's best interests as they see fit.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Truth jailed 35 years

  In the most stunning assault on the Truth of our time, today at Fort Meade the US faux Justice System sent the message loud and clear that The United States DOES NOT stand for Truth and Transparency -notably when US forces are committing War Crimes on Foriegn soil. 

 Occupy Sydney join the sane of the world in expressing our outrage that Bradley 

(courtesy @carwinb (Alexa OBrien) & Huffpost)
Justice Holmes: The use of the word trial to describe this process is a misuse of that word. This was a kangaroo court.

  It is an utter absurdity that this man who chose a moral duty to humanity over a lesser duty to his military superiors when they were at least culpable of consenting to war crimes should face trial while the perpetrators of the horrendous crimes he exposed were slapped on the wrist.

 Why is this man is not being praised and lauded by every US Politician and bestowed with every award that country has to offer?? 

 Thank you Bradley Manning .... true hero of the US military.

In Sydney A Bradley Manning Supporters Rally https://www.facebook.com/events/223286567827782/ will be held at 5-30pm today 22 August 2013 in respect for Mannings work.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

We Must Win the City of Sydney's undeclared War on the Homeless

because multi level Government (in collusion with NGOs and their peak bodies) constructed options of Coercing Homeless People into "Jail you pay for" monetisation industries OR Starvation are NOT options of the Homeless Communitys choosing.They do not empower homeless people and do NOT remove them from the cycle of marginalisation.

 The Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource is THE ONLY PLACE IN AUSTRALIA where homeless or marginalised people can get FREE HOT FOOD DRINKS and blankets 24 hours a day.

Yesterday the City of Sydney Council carried out their 9th Attack on The Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource, this time stealing virtually all food and equipment.

 Occupy Sydney are again rebuilding and calling on the public and supporters to continue to support the only place in Australia where Homeless people can get Hot Food Coffee and blankets 24 hours a Day in The City of Sydney Council's undeclared War on the Homeless. 

  • The City of Sydney have no Court orders to enforce.They have not issued infringement notices.There have been no charges. In our view this is because City of Sydney know that any recourse by them to legal process will fail dismally.
  • The City of Sydney had not once objected to Occupy Sydney's presence protesting in Martin Place until we started the 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource in April 2013. The Service enables Homeless people the choice to not engage with the City of Sydney or its Poverty Industry Partners who monetise Homeless People. 
  • The City has NOT made adequate provision to house low income workers. It should be a civic responsibility to house all workers in its area affordably. Corporations operating from the City of Sydney CBD are massive contributors to marginalisation because they seek to take a greater share of the Country's wealth for themselves leaving less for others. What they call smart business is in fact Corporate Greed. They should not be insulated from seeing the results of their self serving handiwork.
  • The City has for decades had a Homelessness Unit whose role has become to Collude with the Poverty Industry to shepherd Homeless people into "JAIL YOU PAY FOR" accommodation. Despite paying rent ,tenants are NOT free to come and go 24 hours a day (Vinnies Matthew Talbot, Salvos Foster House, Mission Australia Campbell House) and are in some examples subjected to Gestapo style unannounced room searches (Salvos Foster House). The City Council and its alliance partners consider homelessness not a problem but a commodity to be monetised. As the nett worth of Poverty Industry Operatives has increased, Homeless numbers (despite City of Sydneys fake Homeless Count) have risen and the call for more funding is always heard. If there has been a 30% decrease in Sydney City Homelessness as The City insists, why isnt there a call for a 30% decrease in funding? 
  • The City of Sydney partners leverage the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program and other  taxpayer funded structures to Rent Private Market Properties and allow tenants to pay subsidised rents.This is excellent news for Property Svpeculators, bad news for Home buyers and renters as it Drives both Private Residential Rental and Purchase costs higher, adding to the affordability crisis.
  •   The Occupy Sydney Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource is Australia's only 24-7 place for Homeless and Hungry People to have access to Hot Food Hot drinks and blankets. With over $700million of Federal Funding at their disposal via The Road Home alone one might have thought one of the plethora of NGOs looting the government purse might have thought to do what Occupy Sydney have done.
  • We are 100% supported by the Public. We do not receive support from Oz Harvest or other Charity or Government organisations.The small funding we get is 100% crowd sourced -public and supporter gifts, and used to buy gas,Coffee Cutlery and other Consumables. 
  • We are at once a Political Protest opposing Corporate Greed and a Proactivist Community supporting Homeless and at risk of Homeless people with FREE FOOD HOT DRINKS BLANKETS and CLOTHES,
  • Do you think Homeless and Hungry People deserve a 24-7 place to eat when they are hungry or get a hot cup of tea or coffee when they are cold and not when someone elses clock says they should?
  • Do you think the Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource, The Only Place In Australia where homeless people can get Hot Food 24 Hours a day should stay??

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

7th 2013 Raid on Occupy Sydney

  Another City of Sydney raid on Occupy Sydney 24/7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource at 9am today, again led by the racist Asset Manager Chris "Human Garbage' Binns.

The unsurprising attack came as 24/7 Occupiers served coffees and soup in the middle of what the Poverty Industry and Government agencies call Homeless Persons Week.

Occupiers had the 24/7 service restored within half an hour and the homeless community are rallying around to ensure that their favoured food source is restored.

Blankets and sleeping bags meat and vegies are needed.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Supporting the 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource.

After 6 armed and unprovoked attacks by a City of Sydney Council led NSW Police supported attacks on Occupy Sydney resulting in the theft of Occupy Sydney property gifted to Occupy Sydney to feed and supply  Sydney's Homeless Community 24-7 there are waves of outpouring of both anger that Local Government would act in this way towards the most marginalised in its community and generosity by people who are resolutely committed to keeping the project alive. 

 You asked how you can help:

Give Food Blankets Clothing : 
drop off at site: Corner Martin Pl and Eliazbeth St Sydney 2000. Food and Blankets/ sleeping bags collection points in Glebe Newtown Strathfield Campbelltown Buxton Picton Wollongong West Ryde Penrith Kogarah and some other areas. (End of day food direct to site only please)

Bank or direct transfer

St George Bank.
 R.Priestley :     Occupy Sydney Gift Account