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Saturday, 18 July 2015

No to Racism No to Fascism No to Islamaphobia

Sunday 19 July 2015 10am
Martin Place, between Macquarie and Phillip St
New Location!! The Reclaim rally has now been moved to the Martin place between Phillip and Macquarie Streets, so we'll be meeting there too.

New Time!! The racists in Reclaim Australia have shifted their rally to 10:30, so we want to be there before them to make sure we're prepared. Spread the word!


The racist organisation ‘Reclaim Australia’ is holding another rally on Sunday July 19 in Sydney. We are calling for all those who oppose racism to mobilise in a peaceful protest to oppose their bigotry, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

PM Tony Abbott’s scaremongering about terrorism is feeding the systemic demonisation of Muslims. This, along with years of ra...cist policies towards refugees and asylum seekers from the major parties provides fertile soil for Reclaim Australia and associated entities to grow.

We must not let fascists and extreme nationalists spout their racist messages without anti-racists putting forward our views.

We are calling on people to gather at Martin Place in the space where Reclaim Australia plans to hold their protest, one hour before their event begins, to contest their rally with a large, loud counter-demonstration. We will deliver the strongest possible message to them that their racism is not welcome.

Please put aside the date, start telling your friends, and let’s make this the biggest anti-racist rally it can possibly be!

We are looking for endorsements and help with publicity, so please contact the page if you'd like to help out in any way.

 For more information:
Omar Hassan on 0421 185 037
Rahaf Ahmed on 0402 811 613
Mia Sanders on 0406 160 496