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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Climate: Man-made is NOT the question.Food Health and Water are.

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  Man-made or naturally occurring Climate change is a moot point- as is the Agenda 21 issue. We know that in our lifetime Climate change is happening. Science points to a rapid and hether-to never before seen Global Climate Change event in the last 250 years. 

 If we wish to retain our current food and water sources then we need to address the fact that Climate is changing and with it our capacity to maintain our ongoing food and water supply.

Pro active ways of addressing Climate Change now include:

Installing Solar or Wind Power- great for your energy bills too.Cycling or using public transport where its possible.

Insulating your home.

Installing solar hot water

 Leaving enough native trees on your property to allow the planet to breathe. They are our atmosphere's lungs.  

Learning to cook with solar. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Abbott 'Bullying' Labor On Data Retention Laws, Says Ludlam

Ludlam said theTelecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention)
Bill 2014 was about “broad based surveillance” and should not be linked to previous tranches of national security legislation passed by the government last year.
The West Australian Senator has been at the fore of opposition to the bill, which opponents warn is unclear in its definition of what data will be available to security agencies, and counter-productive to effective intelligence gathering procedure.

Killing off the Trans Pacific Partnership : 5 Feb 2015

Welcome to our

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Aboriginal Sit In Canberra

This is a communique from Roxley Foley of the First Nations Freedom Movement.

The government is now on notice. We the descendants of the first people will no longer tolerate the oppression and injustice perpetrated by the crown and its colonialist government. We stand for all the people who respect this land and call it home. We stand against hatred and ignorance of hearts and minds. We offer the hand of friendship, we will lead the way to true reconciliation and freedom for the future of all our children. Prepare for the 9th. ‪#‎prepareforthe9th‬

 Roxley has issued an open invitation to Occupy Sydney participants past and present and members of the public to join grassroots First Nations sisters and brothers in this rejection of Abbott's leadership on the first day that parliament sits in 2015. 

 Occupy participants are encouraged to support this event on February 9th and events which flow from it.