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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Occupy The Courts

On 15th October 2011, thousands of people from across Sydney converged
on Martin Place to challenge our current economic and political system
and to build a movement for meaningful democracy and social justice. And
we’re still here!
Since the occupation began police have arrested 59 people in attempts to
shut down the activities of Occupy Sydney. Many of these charges have
come about because of police persecution, harassment and the use of
Come to court on Monday to show solidarity for 13 Occupy arrestees and
to support the ongoing occupation!
When: 9am this Monday 5th December
Where: Meet outside Downing Centre Court Complex,
Cnr of Elizabeth and Liverpool streets
Contact: Wenny 0402 564 862 / Josh 0408 885 622
Theme: Court Campout!
Bring your tents, barbeque tongs, folding
chairs etc. to show your support for
those facing ridiculous charges related
to alleged camping. Yep, that favourite
Australian pastime - and public
protest - is apparently a crime.
We are unstoppable. Another world is possible!

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