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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Docsbusters Mondays

 Docsbusters Mondays start early every Monday at the Occupy Sydney Occupation site in Martin Place (corner Elizabeth St)... The Docsbusters Movement is a convergence of Children concerned parents, carers and outraged citizens who have come together to End State Terrorism of our Families, End State Child Abduction and reinstate the family to its rightful role as the principal building block of Australian communities and society.

 Below is a proposed platform which will be put to Docsbusters meeting on Monday. 

  1. We The Docsbusters Movement call for the immediate repeal of the NSW Childrens and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 and all its State and Federal counterparts. 
  2. We The Docsbusters Movement call to End New South Wales Department of Community Services reign of Terror. We the Docsbusters Movement call for the immediate closure of All NSW Department of Community Services (or the current evolution of that department) functions, especially (but not limited to) its role in families children and dealing with the elderly.
  3. We The Docsbusters Movement call for the immediate termination of all services and functions of DOCs NSW, with an independent transitional body funded to facilitate the repatriation of children and their natural families (where possible practical and desired).This body should NOT include ANY staff or service providers from within the current DOCs system.
  4. We call for the immediate dismissal of all DOCs Staff and Contract service providers including staff of those contractors : a public inquiry into their actions and their disbarment from EVER working with children again.
  5. Docsbusters call for retrospective legislation enabling the prosecution of any past or present DOCS or partner organisation worker minister volunteer or mandatory reporter who has misused their position to obtain the unnecessry removal of children. 
  6.  We support all Calls for closure of similar government organisations in The UK Canada New Zealand and The United States of America.
More info at Docsbusters.org

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