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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Occupy Chevron Australia: Freeze Chevron

The Occupy Sydney Change Chevron Team are calling for the Australian Government to freeze Chevron Australia"s assets in Australia until Chevron fulfils its Court ordered resoonsibility to pay $17billion in compensation to indigenous and local oeople in the region of Ecuador which Chevron subsidiary Texaco polluted.
In addition we are calling for a global boycott of all Chevron products until the Ecuadorean case is satisfactorily settled. In Australia DONT BUY CALTEX/WOOLWORTHS FUEL.
Chevron is building the Gorgon Gas field at offshore Western Australia and has a major share of the nearby Browse field. Gorgon is ranked the biggest infrastructure project in Australia measured by cost. In partnership with Woolworths, Chevron Australia are also 50% joint owners of Caltex/Woolworths branded retail Service Stations.
Argentina have frozen Chevron assets in suoport of this issue. Brazil and otherv South American countries are expected to follow suit. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-20246295
Corporations large and small must be held to account Globally. The people must hold corporations accountable for their acts of ecological and social mischief throughout their supply chain. Change is necessary to raise the bar of corporate responsibility to ensure rhat sentient and worker sustainability at least has parity with profitvas a commercial consideration.
A petition is being drafted and will be added shortly
Further info at

media enquiries occupysydney@gmail.com

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