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Monday, 20 October 2014

we have a dream

that the world is at peace,
that police arrest unethical business leaders
that children are safe and pedophiles are not,
that clean water and air matter more than profit,
that all people have enough food and clean water,
that society has superceded greed and power,
that we are relearning the things we unlearned as animals,
and unlearned the things we learned as workers,
that we rely on ourselves such that government is irrelevant,
that Westfield is as financially as it is morally bankrupt,
that the people are not afraid of their government,
that government is afraid of its people
that we have paid back quantative easing borrowings
with marked $AQ quantative eased dollars
That society and our sentient friends matter more than profit
That we can dream ourselves into the real world
and leave the illusion behind....

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