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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beware Centrelink Medicare Spyware apps

Helping a homeless guy with his online centrelink form this morning via his S5 Galaxy and they now invite you to download the free app. So I checked before installing as you do. It wants access to your photos contacts maps and lots of other things you probably rather would keep personal. Things your government have no right to know about you. Like what your politics or religion are potentially allowing recruiters and employers to select employees on those basis, a neat form of economic apartheid.  There is no mention of course of what will be done with the information. No mention of how invaluable it is for human resource profiling. and linking you to those wageslavery employers Centrelink JSAs covet. Is your human profiling being shared with other human resource organisations limiting your opportunity of better paid opportunities? With LNP or Labor in charge you should assume so. Human Services is already the major harvester of your personal information in Australia with the most intimate details of your health wealth and potential to deliver profits to others while they deliver you into poverty. Please think carefully before installing this new level of privacy invasion. 

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