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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Climate: Man-made is NOT the question.Food Health and Water are.

Borrowed from Climate Council -sourced via  

  Man-made or naturally occurring Climate change is a moot point- as is the Agenda 21 issue. We know that in our lifetime Climate change is happening. Science points to a rapid and hether-to never before seen Global Climate Change event in the last 250 years. 

 If we wish to retain our current food and water sources then we need to address the fact that Climate is changing and with it our capacity to maintain our ongoing food and water supply.

Pro active ways of addressing Climate Change now include:

Installing Solar or Wind Power- great for your energy bills too.Cycling or using public transport where its possible.

Insulating your home.

Installing solar hot water

 Leaving enough native trees on your property to allow the planet to breathe. They are our atmosphere's lungs.  

Learning to cook with solar. 

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