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Sunday, 15 November 2015

N.S.W. Police illegal spying on Facebook account called criminal by magistrate

We have known for a long time that N.S.W. Police use widespread illegal spying. Up until now they have been emboldened by judicial blindness. 
photo courtesy Sydney Morning Herald
Finally a magistrate has spoken out in a case where police had an unauthorised surveillance of a facebook account which led to charges against the alleged account holder calling out police actions as illegal.

  At Occupy Sydney we are well versed in illegal police activity. We see police cars speeding and parking illegally on a daily basis. We know where some of the street surveillance camera blindspots are which police routinely use to illegally search and harass young people out enjoying themselves in Sydney. We regularly get cameras in their faces when they are doing these illegal searches and some of us have been arrested. We know that the October 23rd 2011 mass police attack on the Occupy Sydney occupation and the further attacks as Occupy Sydney continued the 24-7 occupation were illegal. We know that police have support from the highest political offices to carry out their illegal actions. This farcical appeal process was instigated by then premier Barry O'Farrell. They lost. The DPP took over 12 months to pay the ordered court costs.

 This case is another of police exceeding their powers at the very time they are calling for the so called independent police watchdog to be disbanded. When called out by the learned magistrate senior police attempted to use the public interest to protect police from further scrutiny. Read More Here

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