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Friday, 11 November 2011

11-11-11 Lunatic leaders - YOUR Fight- YOU Fight it

On the international day of remembrance and reflection, Armistice Day, the Australian government will announce that US marines will be permanently based on Australian soil to help expand US military control within this region. When will politicians learn that increasing troop numbers increases the chances of conflict? Perhaps if our leaders fought in the wars, they would not be so blas̩ about rushing into them. The world needs to learn, once and for all, that war mongering is not in the national interest of any country and it is our brothers and sisters in conflicts around the world that pay the price on behalf of all nations! Stop making weapons, stop selling weapons, stop using weapons Рcut out the lunatics calling themselves leaders and lets open up a real dialogue between the people rather than the corporates. Occupy Sydney, Occupy Beijing, Occupy Washington, Occupy Kabul, Occupy World lets talk!


  1. Do you really desire to have a talk with those that have a different view of the solution to all the problems? I still believe in the free market as the best economic system in the world. Anything else kills diversity and we all end up as slaves once again, just with different masters.