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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Occupy Sydney Placard Workshops & Activities

From the occupiers at 

Occupiers : ph 0416366126  ph 0410722000
Placard Making Workshops
nightly from 8pm if fine at Occupy Sydney, Martin Place & Macquarie
not happening on rainy nights 
  • Bring your artistic talents  & join our Placard Making Crew
  • Bring Paints Textas & Art Materials
  • Bring Your ideas & join us putting Unity back into community.
Wet or fine there's always time for a game of chess with the occupiers at Occupy Sydney in Martin Place. So come on down, day or night. Game on.

Meetings, Workshops and Experiences
  • occupy the love : Meditation 7am 2pm & 9pm daily at Martin Place
  • General Assembly : 6-30pm Saturdays Mondays Wednesdays
  • Informal discussion on Fridays at 6:30
  • Amazing political discussions all day and all night, strike up a conversation with the lovely occupiers.
  • Dinner Parties from 9pm 'til 6am every night of the week :]
  • Public Library; read donated books under the shade of the trees.
  • Barrett's stand up comedy whenever Barrett happens to be around.
  • Plenty of Vitamin D provided by the beautiful sun!
  • Various working groups: check the calendar at occupysydney.org.au
  • Opportunity to speak to passers-by about why you are part of this movement.

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