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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Occupy to End All Wars

Occupy to End The Arms Race

occupy for peace

The “Occupy” movement, which started in New York towards the end of 2011, has spread around the world and taken root in many states and countries. Simply keeping this movement going over the northern winter has been a huge achievement. Now spring approaches. What can the movement achieve in 2012?
Occupy is first and foremost a movement for economic justice, yet the remedies are not obvious or universally agreed. Defining a clear, coherent set of economic demands is not easy.
However, there's an absolute imperative this year to stop the stampede to yet more evil and unnecessary wars – wars that could, in the worst case, end civilisation as we know it and cause human death on an utterly unprecedented scale.
Plutocrats responsible for bleeding humanity dry are behind these wars. Defeating their push to demolish all remaining source of resistance to their imperialist policies is crucial to overcoming their broader agenda. In any case, peace is its own reward. For the masses , no real economic progress can be made if the 'dogs of war' run free.
The Occupy movement has a chance to make a crucial contribution to the survival and well-being of humanity, by coalescing as a worldwide movement to oppose militarism and war. Demonstrations around the world should become permanent until the warmongers call off their attempt to pitch the planet into yet more catastrophic wars – wars likely to benefit no-one in the long-term.
The USA now boasts the most bloated military machine in the history of the world, with many hundreds of military bases situated in over half the nations on earth. It can only maintain this imperial structure by fleecing the American people and distorting the global economy.
Defeating the war machine is the most direct way to free up the resources needed to trigger global economic recovery and the rebuilding of our economy so it is genuinely sustainable and serve real human needs.
In 2012, let's Occupy Planet Earth for Peace!
                                                                           written for Occupy Sydney
                                                                          by Syd Walker
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