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Monday, 6 February 2012

Official Occupy Sydney website insults Occupiers

The official Occupy Sydney website at http://www.occupysydney.org.au/2012/02/02/occupy-sydney-evicted-from-martin-place-on-its-111th-day-of-occupation-media-release-press-conference-information/ takes another malicious dig at the occupation that site has curiously never recognised existed. If you bother to check the site out the sole reference to Martin Place is a dismissive "Info Desk" in the contacts section. And now the site announces that the occupation it has never recognised existed has in fact been evicted -which it has not. 

 The Occupy Sydney Occupation still very much exists despite the continued efforts of the official site to undermine our existence. We don't know why. Nor do we really care about their motivations. In truth, NSW Police merely continue their illegal agenda of coming to thieve our property, without receipts, without regard for their own processes. That is all. 

 To be continually undermined by this website has been an ongoing hindrance to the occupation and I will call at Wednesdays GA for its permanent disendorsement, unless it is placed under the control of completely new people. We occupiers do not need a site which helps police undermine our occupation

Lanz Priestley


  1. Lanz - the site talks about the MP site. If you want some content there - why don't you write it? Saying ppl like me vicki and gerry are trying to 'undermine' the site is really rude. The kind of rudeness that makes people uncomfortable and want to leave. I updated the site with further news - perhaps you can't see that? http://www.occupysydney.org.au/2012/02/02/you-cant-evict-an-idea/

    Sheesh, you try as hard as you can to do as much as you can and people shit all over it.

  2. I also updated the contact page after you complained about it a few weeks ago: http://www.occupysydney.org.au/about/contact-us/ - the website is inclusive of all people involved - the site is one part of what people are doing, and I don't think its fair of you to be so dismissive of how people interact, or efforts people put in.