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Friday, 22 March 2013

Gillards Faux Apology: An insult to todays Stolen Generation

Its an absolute mystery to aware Australians that Prime Minister Julia Gillard would apologise to the Forcibly Adopted Stolen Generation of times past ignoring that the practice never stopped.In fact in NSW Current Government policy is to provide an express queue for the Buy a Kid Crowd. See Here.

An open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
Dear Ms Gillard,
                 While there are those born between the appropriate years for which you apologised regarding forcible adoptions who are grateful for your apology we note there are many flaws.
1/ As a legal professional you would be aware that your apology carries no legal weight. 
2/ Your apology lacks the commitment to reparations for the harm done to the Children and families of that era.
3/ Did you fail to notice that the practice of forced adoptions in fact never ended? There are currently 39000 Children in Out of Home Care in NSW. They are taken PRIOR TO JUDICIAL PROCESS by an out of control Human Services Department which have masqueraded for decades as acting in the best interests of children-the same lies which caused the adoptions you just apologised for.

There is something you can do. You can end the travesty of State Child Abduction in Australia. You can Federalise responsibility for Child Protection AND Shut down all State Child Protection Services. You can introduce TRANSPARENCY to the New Federal Child Protection Agency by insisting on video recordings of all interviews with Children Parents and professionals in relation to each case- AND- you can introduce laws which apply the Evidence Act to all cases. Yes, they should be heard in the Federal Family Court-after a revamp. 

To enact these changes may absolve a future government of the burden of making an empty and meaningless apology as you have just done,

              an Occupier

Please copy and sign this letter in your own name and post to
Julia Gillard PM
PO Locked Bag 14 

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