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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Memo to Police

"I was only following orders" -the Nuremberg defence- was ruled No Defence at the Nuremberg Trials and it is no defence today.
Police officers globally should consider whether following their superiors orders are legal and ethical . If you do not consider those orders ethical or legal your duty is to disobey.
Police Brutality in NSW is a growing community concern. Uncharged cops have got off scot free even on the taser killing of Brazilian student Robert Curti
NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch is gaining an unenviable reputation for being Commander Johnny on the spot in incidents where there is excessive police violence. Yes, he was officer in charge of Policing the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras. Aside from the infamous bashing of the teenager which has gone viral, we have been made aware of several other incidents of police thuggery. One deaf person unceremoniously smashed into a pole. He turned to see a row of smug cops smirking at him.Bystanders explained to his shocked friends that a cop had called in his direction prior to this incident.Several other incidents of blatant police thuggery reported give lie to the fast spreading public view that police are reverting to their old thugforce mindset. A police officer who participated in the policing of Mardi Gras 2013 privately expressed disquiet also saying that there was a strained relationship with the crowd compared to recent Mardi Gras.We hope that the problem is Who is in command rather than a wider systemic issue. Occupy Sydney call for an independent investigation of all Operations and Commands directed by Murdoch and his immediate  suspension from any frontline duties for the safety of the public and other police officers.
  On October 23 2011 at about 5-30am NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch lead over 100 Riot Cops in a premeditated attack on peacefully sleeping Occupy Sydney Protesters. Under his command and on his orders Riot and other police arrested many Occupiers for alleged infringement offences. These offences do not provide police with the option of arrest. Yet arrests occurred. What were Police orders? Why did they so blatantly disregard and exceed the laws they are paid to uphold? Why are many Occupiers still subject to bail today?

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