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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Solidarity Starts at Sandon Point 5-30am 20 April

Join the Country in Crisis Convoy Sandon Point Smoking Ceremony which will launch the Convoy on its 
Signed & Parking on Sandon Road
Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy

At Sunrise at Sandon Point on April 20th 2013 a new era in indigenous rights and eco activism begins.The dawn sacred smoking ceremony with Uncle Dootch Kennedy at Sandon Point will launch the Country in Crisis Convoy -

 The Convoy Starts at Kuradji/Sandon Point as a reminder of the Struggle of local aboriginal 
people to prevent the desecration of their lands and waters in the name of Corporate profits. The wider community issues ofCoal Dust and Fracking CSG and The Convoy is very much about raising awareness on those issues.

more on the Convoy site...

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