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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Occupy Sydney 24/7 Homeless Support.

  Sydneys First and Australias only known 24 hour 7 day Homeless Resource Centre is now fully operational.
The Occupy Sydney Homeless and Hungry Field Kitchen & Freestore is now in full swing at the 600 plus day old Occupy Sydney Occupation in Martin Place (corner of Elizabeth St.
  There is always a FREE hot drink and usually a hearty soup available 24 hours a day. Other donated food is distributed immediately it arrives. Bakery, shop end of shelf life food and fruit are available as they arrive. More is needed and welcome.
Occupy Sydney distribute blankets and sleeping bags on an as needed basis and more are always needed.
  Unwanted clothes and non technical "timeless' bookd are always welcome for our Freestore (open 24/7) and soon to be resurrected peoples library.
  Each year hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers and donors funds are collected by the poverty industry in the name of homeless people.The same government and ngo organisations have for decades used the issue as a means to generate revenue. Revenues organisations and government departments have expanded massively. So has the problem as housing and associated costs become less affordable.
  An occupier with some experience of the marginalisation industry has observed that there is no plan will or intent by government to resolve the problem. He accuses government and the Sector of callously using homeless and marginalised people as tokens to collect money with, cynically cycling them through a circuit of monetisation opportunities before spitting them back onto the street to start the process again.
Incredibly until now there has been no q
  We know theres a problem and that it is affecting more people than ever before. Rather than joining with those who monrtise homeless people Occupy Sydney are joining with the Sydney Homeless and supporters community to drive sustainable solutions to this problem which should not exist in a place so rich in resources.
  The Occupy Sydney 24/7 Homeless & Hungry Field kitchen is 100% crowd funded and resourced.
A meeting will be held 2pm Saturday 21 July at the Occupation to open a discussion about ending homelessness.

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