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Friday, 28 June 2013

Occupy Sydney: Council Eviction meeting: The aftermath.

  For 590 days City of Sydney Councillors did nothing. But when Liberal Councillor Christine "Eyes Wide Shut" Forster belatedly noticed that Occupy Sydney were feeding and supporting our Sydney Homeless community 24 hours a day with a zero funding base and doing so successfully the thought that the credibility her beloved parasite charities which get so much funding for so little value to their identified target constituencies being undermined  was too much. Armed with a bevy of mainstream media  mogul owned Talkback spindoctors and faux journalists who never let the  truth get in the way of a good Mainstream political beatup Councillor Eyes Wide Shut was in her element. She could bash those Occupiers who dared with no resources to do 24 hours a day what her beloved funded charities which give politicians who do nothing such glowing endorsements do for as little as an hour a month. She could declare that Occupy was not a protest.The mere fact that the absurdity flowed from her Liberal endorsed tongue would give sure fire credibility and media regurgitation would make the illusion reality. Again the Conservatives would have effected a win for their patrons in the Corporate sector-in this case those who monetise the marginalised. And those pesky protesters who really should be working as wageslaves in a minimum wage job to drive profits for the fatcats who fund the party could be exposed for the frauds they really are- malcontents who pretend to find Corporate Greed distasteful.

  Most Councillors luxuriated in the comfort of chambers to arrive at conclusions most would not have reached had they ventured out in the cold wet winter night as urged by Clr Linda Scott (Lab) to see for themselves the Sydney Homeless Community come out with Occupiers to support Occupy Sydney at the No Eviction barbecue.
  The Liberal/Clover Moore Alliance attempts to impose their jaundiced picture on a paint by numbers canvas were somewhat stifled by magnificent efforts if the Stalwart Greens Councillor Irene Doutney and Labors Linda Scott. Two stark left jabs of reality from these

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