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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Help Occupy Sydney put Economics Front and Centre

Brief for Occupy Sydney Research Working Group Projects
The Occupy Sydney Research Working Group is calling for individuals or self-organised teams to produce fact reports on various issues of interest to Occupy Sydney. These reports will be used to produce educational materials that will be kept and distributed at the occupy site and published online. 
Issues of interest at this stage include, but will not be limited to (‘*’ indicates priorities):
  • Personal debt*
  • Mortgage debt*
  • Housing foreclosures*
  • Housing affordability*
  • Conditions for studying while on welfare*
  • Homelessness
  • Business debt
  • Sovereign debt
  • Food affordability
  • Wealth and poverty distribution in Sydney
  • Fractional banking
  • Superannuation
For the fact report we will need you to provide a .doc (word document) containing:
  • 1 A4 page of writing that reports on the issue
  • A series of bullet pointed facts relevant to the issue
  • Any relevant graphs, charts or images referenced to the original source
  • Any additional information is welcome but should be submitted in an appendix
All facts will need to be clearly referenced to the most reliable, primary sources possible, i.e. not newspaper articles but the sources that an article might use, not media surveys but  government, institutional, or academic reports etc.
If you are interested in producing a fact report please contact Lance occupysydney@gmail.com or on 0410722000. You will need to provide details on what issue you would like to research and when you will be able to submit the fact report. You are also welcome to ask for advice on how to conduct research or suggest other issues to be added to the list.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I am happy to submit a report based on David Graeber's latest Book, Debt the first 5000 years. I am Currently writing up an MA by research on contemporary anarchism vis - vis religion and nonviolence. I imagine i could get the report in by the end of february. I could probably also write a fact sheet on mystical anarchism... from medieval Free Spirit movements to the present, in one A4 page this would not be inclusive but possibly interesting.
    What do you think?