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Friday, 6 January 2012

Occupy Sydney Respond to Illegal Police Actions

 The Occupiers at Martin Place believe that NSW Police attempts to destabilise Occupy Sydney & supporters over the last two days has a twofold purpose. Police want to minimise Occupy Sydney 's ability to articulate our anti-Corporate Greed message to the patrons of The Sydney Festival .NSW Police also would like to shut Occupy Sydney down fearing that a Court case in 4 days time could clearly define legal issues,as sought by Occupy Sydney participants, and prevent Police abuse of law .

What Police have done:

  • Seized Personal items without issuing receipts. 
  • Seized A custom built kitchen trolley.We understand its been destroyed.
  • Arbitrarily deemed seized property to be rubbish & destroyed it, despite being given owners details.
  • Seized computers , banners, pamphlets & posters-most probably destroyed.
  • Seized all supplies for making banners placards & protest information.
  • Harassed and Threatened Occupy Sydney participants & supporters.
  • Attempted to and enforced orders while refusing to identify which laws are being breached.
  • Wilfully misinterpreted a clear Regulation to include actions clearly outside that legal framework. (Court case 10/1/12 seeks definitions.
  • Refused to expedite return of property and in fact manufactured a series of convoluted series of obstructions to securing return.
  • Threatened a new fellow Occupier Group ,Occupy Sydney International, compelling occupiers to close occupation due to fear of police violence.
  • Sought to dictate how Occupy Sydney should protest .No legal framework specified.If we consent and the only means they leave are demonstrably ineffective then we should not consent.
  • Taken essential Free School Protest equipment
  • Taken essential library books.
  • Seized all Occupy Sydney tarps used for protecting protest equipment from inclement weather.
  All Occupiers should know that there is a very real and clear danger of violence from Police & violation of personal or protest rights at any time at Occupy Sydney. NSW Police may steal your property. They may give orders which have no basis in law. Where the aims of police are not supported by law or the people ,the people should NOT support police.

  • Call Rocks Police. Order them to cease & desist from attacking the #OccupySydney peaceful protest.
  • Bring all unwanted furniture to Occupy Sydney.
  • Bring all books,fiction and non fiction to #Occupysydney
  • Bring Big Tarps to #OccupySydney
  • Make updated pamphlets about Occupy Sydney & NSW Police harassment.
  • Bring unwanted doors to #OccupySydney for use as tables.
  • Bring FOOD for the occupiers & supporters.
Thank you for your continued support without which we would not be


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