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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Occupy Sydney Newsletter out soon

A weekly Occupy Sydney newsletter is being published Sundays via email, mondays at http://occupysydneynews.blogspot.com (a Weekly Newspaper) Out Sundays.

A daily email will also be built incorporating a daily roundup from all the Occupy Sydney Projects & Working Groups, and notifying all pending proposals.
  • The aim of the email newsletter is for it to become the the vehicle for all working groups and the GA to keep Occupy Sydney people updated on activities actions and anticipated acts of change. One email a week suits a lot of people more than a multiplicity.
  • The newsletter may publish daily, or Tuesdays Thursdays & Sundays (post GA) if consensus can be raeached on this model
  • Submissions should be in the following format 

  1. Name of Working/Google Group (i.e. Outreach)
  2. PP (please publish) or NFP (email circulation only)
  3. GA (GA approved) or WG (working group action) or AA Autonomous Action
  4. Submissions should preferably link to a (non Facebook) page.Facebook pages only promoted if linked via a non FB warning page, for activists personal security purposes.
  5. Submissions should come from a recognised email of group if claiming to come from a working/google group. Tag these NEWS
  6. You may submit Occupy related news, news from other Occupys or affinity group issue messages. Tag these AG

Here is the basic layout :

» Camping Showdown
» Sydney Festival
» Editorial by: NAME
» Media Update by: 
» More News...
Upcoming Events. 
Mon Jan 9th 2012:
General Assembly WG
General Assembly
Tues Jan 10th 2012:
Free School Organising Meeting
Wed Jan 11th 2012:
General Assembly WG
General Assembly
Sat Jan 14th 2012:
Free School
General Assembly WG
General Assembly
Mon Jan 16th 2012:
General Assembly WG
General Assembly
Occupy Sydney - Camping Showdown
Along with many others, Lance Priestley faces multiple charges of "camping" as a result of protesting with Occupy Sydney. Show your Support on Tuesday, Jan 10th, 9am at the Downing Centre Local Court. See Flyer Below.
Occupy Sydney welcomes Sydney Festival to Martin Place - Saturday 7th January, 2012
Someone can write an editorial about what happend on Sat Night at the Festival and it can go here with some media and photographs.
we can also get this emailed out to General Public asking for them to email us there pictures to include in a special Occupy Sydney Welcomes Sydney festival blah speil. here

More editorials, links, video's, news etc can go under here and i can make it as big and small as you like. its currently a free version but pro is like 10$ a month and im happy to do it when it needs to be upgraded to send more out.


Occupy Sydney  Martin Place, Sydney www.occupysydney.org.au

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