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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Truth jailed 35 years

  In the most stunning assault on the Truth of our time, today at Fort Meade the US faux Justice System sent the message loud and clear that The United States DOES NOT stand for Truth and Transparency -notably when US forces are committing War Crimes on Foriegn soil. 

 Occupy Sydney join the sane of the world in expressing our outrage that Bradley 

(courtesy @carwinb (Alexa OBrien) & Huffpost)
Justice Holmes: The use of the word trial to describe this process is a misuse of that word. This was a kangaroo court.

  It is an utter absurdity that this man who chose a moral duty to humanity over a lesser duty to his military superiors when they were at least culpable of consenting to war crimes should face trial while the perpetrators of the horrendous crimes he exposed were slapped on the wrist.

 Why is this man is not being praised and lauded by every US Politician and bestowed with every award that country has to offer?? 

 Thank you Bradley Manning .... true hero of the US military.

In Sydney A Bradley Manning Supporters Rally https://www.facebook.com/events/223286567827782/ will be held at 5-30pm today 22 August 2013 in respect for Mannings work.

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