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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

We Must Win the City of Sydney's undeclared War on the Homeless

because multi level Government (in collusion with NGOs and their peak bodies) constructed options of Coercing Homeless People into "Jail you pay for" monetisation industries OR Starvation are NOT options of the Homeless Communitys choosing.They do not empower homeless people and do NOT remove them from the cycle of marginalisation.

 The Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource is THE ONLY PLACE IN AUSTRALIA where homeless or marginalised people can get FREE HOT FOOD DRINKS and blankets 24 hours a day.

Yesterday the City of Sydney Council carried out their 9th Attack on The Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource, this time stealing virtually all food and equipment.

 Occupy Sydney are again rebuilding and calling on the public and supporters to continue to support the only place in Australia where Homeless people can get Hot Food Coffee and blankets 24 hours a Day in The City of Sydney Council's undeclared War on the Homeless. 

  • The City of Sydney have no Court orders to enforce.They have not issued infringement notices.There have been no charges. In our view this is because City of Sydney know that any recourse by them to legal process will fail dismally.
  • The City of Sydney had not once objected to Occupy Sydney's presence protesting in Martin Place until we started the 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource in April 2013. The Service enables Homeless people the choice to not engage with the City of Sydney or its Poverty Industry Partners who monetise Homeless People. 
  • The City has NOT made adequate provision to house low income workers. It should be a civic responsibility to house all workers in its area affordably. Corporations operating from the City of Sydney CBD are massive contributors to marginalisation because they seek to take a greater share of the Country's wealth for themselves leaving less for others. What they call smart business is in fact Corporate Greed. They should not be insulated from seeing the results of their self serving handiwork.
  • The City has for decades had a Homelessness Unit whose role has become to Collude with the Poverty Industry to shepherd Homeless people into "JAIL YOU PAY FOR" accommodation. Despite paying rent ,tenants are NOT free to come and go 24 hours a day (Vinnies Matthew Talbot, Salvos Foster House, Mission Australia Campbell House) and are in some examples subjected to Gestapo style unannounced room searches (Salvos Foster House). The City Council and its alliance partners consider homelessness not a problem but a commodity to be monetised. As the nett worth of Poverty Industry Operatives has increased, Homeless numbers (despite City of Sydneys fake Homeless Count) have risen and the call for more funding is always heard. If there has been a 30% decrease in Sydney City Homelessness as The City insists, why isnt there a call for a 30% decrease in funding? 
  • The City of Sydney partners leverage the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program and other  taxpayer funded structures to Rent Private Market Properties and allow tenants to pay subsidised rents.This is excellent news for Property Svpeculators, bad news for Home buyers and renters as it Drives both Private Residential Rental and Purchase costs higher, adding to the affordability crisis.
  •   The Occupy Sydney Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource is Australia's only 24-7 place for Homeless and Hungry People to have access to Hot Food Hot drinks and blankets. With over $700million of Federal Funding at their disposal via The Road Home alone one might have thought one of the plethora of NGOs looting the government purse might have thought to do what Occupy Sydney have done.
  • We are 100% supported by the Public. We do not receive support from Oz Harvest or other Charity or Government organisations.The small funding we get is 100% crowd sourced -public and supporter gifts, and used to buy gas,Coffee Cutlery and other Consumables. 
  • We are at once a Political Protest opposing Corporate Greed and a Proactivist Community supporting Homeless and at risk of Homeless people with FREE FOOD HOT DRINKS BLANKETS and CLOTHES,
  • Do you think Homeless and Hungry People deserve a 24-7 place to eat when they are hungry or get a hot cup of tea or coffee when they are cold and not when someone elses clock says they should?
  • Do you think the Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource, The Only Place In Australia where homeless people can get Hot Food 24 Hours a day should stay??

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