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Friday, 23 August 2013

Single Parents under attack; We DEMAND our pensions back


  From Jan 1 2013 Single Parents whose youngest child is 8 years or older lost access to The Single Parents Pension and were forced onto the unstable onerous Newstart Allowance.

ANationwide Single Parents Rallies 24th August 2013

Sydney Rally 11:30am:  https://www.facebook.com/events/537930259594280/

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  •  Single Parents lost between $120 and $300 per fortnight in income alone- at a time when Politicians received 3 pay rises in 18 months.
  • As well as the monetary loss Single Parents have lost a range of concessions. Instead they now have to meet onerous Job Network Provisions which deprive them of time and the capability to plan their time effectively around their families needs.Job Network Agencies impose their self serving timelines instead.
  • Many Single Parented Families have been forced from their Homes by the simple fact that they are no longer able to meet Housing Costs. Some have been forced to take accommodation in rural areas where no jobs exist. Others have been forced to return to live with abusive spouses. Many Single Parented Families are now Homeless, forced to live in tents or where ever they can.
  • Parenting should be valued. Parenting is the basis of Family.Family is the basis of Community.Community is the basis of a vibrant society. We must not consent to undermining these basic building blocks.
Occupy Sydney join with Single Parents in demanding immediate restoration of Single Parents Pensions - as an option For all Single Parents until their youngest child turns 18. 
  The Labor Federal Government and Liberal led opposition have agreed that there should be no reversal of the decision to (from Jan1 2013) take Single Parents  Pensions away from Single Parented families as their children turn eight years of age. Single Parented families are now forced onto invasive Newstart where under "Mutual  Obligation they are forced to become income generator units for Job Network Agencies.

Occupy Sydney suggest that Single Parents Families and supporters who wish to participate in the upcoming 2013 Oz elections vote elsewhere and put Liberal and Labor last.

Many Single Parents already choose to work at least part time. In fact the official statistics below clearly show that the majority of Single Parents of children aged 6 plus work.  They have struck a life balance which accommodates their families needs and their ability to work. As Newstart Clients the option of holidays is gone with many being forced to leave permanent part time jobs to suit the contractual obligations of belligerent Job Network Agencies. Other Single Parents have been forced to give up long term part time work as earnings from these sources are eroded by onerous extra Jobseeker related commitments. Column Graph: Shows how the percentage of employed lone parents decreases with age of youngest dependant
 Single Parents forced onto Newstart have lost their family holidays as unrelenting Job Network Service Providers force them onto programs which keep the Service Provider funded but usually provide no benefits to the Single Parent. These Job Network "Training modules"- often providing training with zero meaningful independent recognition, have the almost universal effect of costing Single Parents in both monetary terms and in stress. 
  Single Parents play a vital role in raising their children.Their children deserve to know that their parent is always there for them. It is vital that single parents retain the flexibility to cater to their childrens ever changing societal sporting educational and emergency needs in a timely manner. Few selected to become single parents.  The overwhelming majority of Single Parents do a creditable job of raising their children as positively contributing members of society. 

 If in two parent families each parent has 50% parental responsibility then a single parent has 100% responsibility.

  •   Sydney Single Parents demand a return of Single Parent Pension availability to All Single Parents with Child caring responsibilities as of Right.
  • Sydney Single Parents DO NOT endorse ANY Policy which takes away their Choice to Work or Care for their children's best interests as they see fit.

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  1. Can this be extended to SingleParents and SoleCarers Australia Wide??...Many of us have lost Carers Allowance too.And education support payments.This policy was a scam, rushed through before the final sitting of parliament with no reference to ACOSS assessments of potential extreme financial hardship sole parents and carers would face under this vilification policy.I lost a part-time job; transport, health and education supplements;my carers allowance was then cut off due to the criteria changing for mental health when kids turn 16, despite continuing home schooling costs and transport costs have risen from $2.50 return ticket to nxt town for centrelink appts...to $15 one way...that's $30 dollars for myself and two children every appt. $90 every time I have to take them to med. appts. We are now living on 160 dollars per week, and have been refused further help from the local 'charity'.
    Due to O'Farrells privatisation of electricity...our bills have been raised from 500 to 1700...many of us haven't paid off the winter bills from 2 years ago!...also our disabled kids lost all supports and aides in the public ed. system.
    The Government is attempting to engineer Sole Parents and Sole Carers into a new 'underclass' of 'unworthy poor'...and are succeeding. Thank You for your Support.