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Sunday, 2 September 2012


At the moment there is a  targeted campaign running against the mining companies and their plans for expansion in NSW. It is directed at the proposed massive coal loading terminal T4 in Newcastle. The project T4 is nearing the end of the approval stage despite massive community opposition in Newcastle. The local people have been getting very sick from the coal dust from problems like asthma and even cancer. In a recent hair sample test local people often have three times the level of mercury in their system advised by the World Health Organization. And this is just from the present levels of coal dust. This will get worse if the T4 project goes ahead.

Please help with an online action to send a letter to the NSW state politicians that are making the final decision: http://stopt4.good.do/stop-t4/stop-t4/

Get the word out about this action! If we can stop the T4 project then many mines will not expand or open too, thereby protecting other areas from mining destruction.

The T4 Coal Terminal Expansion and the deals done by the LibLab Conflab in NSW State parliament to enable it are here

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