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Friday, 7 September 2012

Occupy Monsanto Sept 17 @ Occupy Sydney

The People's Food Plan
- have your say!   


For the Global Occupy Monsanto Day on 17th September, 

Sydney will be

challenging corporate power in our food supply by doing a

workshop on The People's Food

Plan with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. 

Come down to Occupy Sydney / Martin Place and join us for a

workshop about the

People's Food Plan. 

We'll be talking about the kinds of transformative change our

food system needs and

making plans for how to make those changes happen.

You'll have the opportunity to talk about your experiences with

the food and agriculture

system and why you think we need to change. The focus at this

workshop will be on GM

crops, sustainable agriculture and concentrated economic

power in the food system, in

honour of Occupy Monsanto Day, but if folks are interested,

there will also be scope to

discuss other issues related to the agrifood system, such as

land-use conflicts, healthy

eating and urban agriculture.

See here for more about why we need a People's Food Plan:

Globally, Monsanto and their chain supply 

partners should take note. You should 

have known it is wrong to try to 

monopolise food supply for profit. You 

should expect us... Occupy & Anonymous


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