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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Public leap to the defence of Occupy Sydney & occupation news

 A very large loud and angry individual caused minor heart palpitations among our peaceful occupiers as he suddenly confronted them with a barrage of vitriol sign breaking and threats of imminent personal violence.

  Ad hoc and unknown members of the public (who must have read our literature) quickly formed a protective barrier between the hostile individual and the occupation calling on him to "leave these people alone." A passing courier stopped to film the incident on his cell phone while other individuals took photos. (video will be uploaded here shortly.) The public reaction was copybook Occupy advice to activists and very pleasing. may good people act the same way when they see authorities exceeding their powers. 

 Several left their details at the occupation. 

 Occupiers present and Occupy Sydney at large are indebted for this spontaneous public support which may well have averted a rather ugly situation. This incident reinforces Occupy Sydneys commitment to peaceful assertive non-violence and the Occupy Sydney occupers again reaffirm our commitment to this principle.

 Many of those who defended the occupation then took time to sign a petition onsite and take pamphlets before continuing on their way.

 In other news from the Occupation occupier numbers are increasing as warm days leave the impression that the cold nights are a thing of the past for another year. That impression is a misconception. 

 Last night many of the local and international Indian delegates at a writers conference happening at the State Library of NSW dropped by to express their solidarity including an eloquently spoken gentleman who works with the Warlpiri communities in the Central Desert. Also dropping by another Alice Springs based gentleman who is the curator of the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens .

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