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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Glenugie Blockade has reformed on Private Property :

Still in Glenugie & Still Committed to Stopping Metgasco CSG extraction polluting the Grafotn & regional environment and water to drive profits for non-resident shareholders.

 This form of Corporate Colonialism has to be stopped. The Glenugie Blockaders are trying to do that and will only succeed with your help -READ THIS POST and ACT NOW!! 

Tell Metgasco and Barry OFarrell "No Fracking Way" https://www.facebook.com/events/139251122899538/permalink/141788125979171/

Occupy Sydney confirm our solidarity with the Glenugie No CSG blockade and urge all Occupy people and supporters to join the blockade...for a day or until Metgasco can be stopped. 

Yesterday the NSW Government used NSW Police to force the Capital serving aims of Metgasco on the small community of Glenugie. 18 people were arrested in a move calculated to enforce the rights of Capital over the will of local people. 

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