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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Idle No More Sydney Song: Wake Up Stephen Harper

"Wake Up Stephen Harper" to the tune of...
First Live performance at Idle No More Solidarity Sydney Rally .Lyrics: (we knew Simon & Garfunkel wouldn't mind)
Wake up Stephen Harper, wake up, wake up Julia Gillard, wake up
You thought we were asleep, wake up PM and weep
The game is over, it's indigenous hour and you're in trouble deep

Wake up PM Harper, wake up Julia Gillard
Hell,you're not gonna tell us now, we are going to tell you how
What ya gonna do when we all say "Go to Hell"

Wake up Stephen Harper, wake up Stephen Harper

Well, you thought you'd just change laws to steal our land
Well, Stephen Harper, looks like you goofed again

Wake up Stephen Harper, wake up Julia Gillard, we're savin our home

Wake up PM Harper, wake up, wake up PM Gillared, wake up
Native people are sick of your rot, your reputations shot
Our land is ours,our waters ours, and have them you cannot

Wake up Stephen Harper,Wake Up Julia Gillard

we are Idle No More

will be live streamed 
will be live tweeted http://twitter.com/idle_no_more

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