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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Government attack on Single Parents a Government attack on Family

The recent decision by the Australian Federal Labor government to force single parents onto the dole diminishes and undermines the vital full time role single parents have of raising children. The policy which raised scarcely a whimper from the opposition parties will lower single parent household incomes. Many will be forced to accept one of the many unsustainably paid wageslavery positions which drive record profit gouging in Australia.
  Single Parents already have a full time job which is to raise the next generation of Ausrtalian people. With parents forced to work an extra full time job government forces parents to use expensive child care provided by revenue focussed businesses...some masquerading as charities. Children take their values not from a socially focussed family but from a revenue driven business working to parameters proscribed by a power driven government.Such child farming arrangements undermine family as the basis of community and society.

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