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Friday, 18 January 2013

We are excited to announce that the Support Assange and WikiLeaks
Coalition will have a float in the *2013 Sydney Mardi Gras! *We would

like to invite our supporters to join us in the parade
on the evening of *Saturday 2 March*.[image: Bradley Manning]

Our float is intended to raise awareness of the plights of accused
WikiLeaks whistleblower, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks founder, Julian
Assange. Participants should wear comfortable shoes and any style of
clothing in *rainbow colours*. The more flamboyant the better, but

whatever you’re comfortable in is best. Black and white Bradley Manning and
Julian Assange masks on sticks will be provided. While walking up the
parade route we will periodically hold these masks up to our faces, and to
the left and right in unison.
“The Cuban Boys” have granted us rights to use their music, Datacrime<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk8SeGx7v8M&feature=player_embedded> will

be the soundtrack to the event and provide the cues for when we lift the
masks. The black and white masks will be a great contrast to our colourful
The WikiLeaks Ute <https://twitter.com/WikiLeaksUte> will be included in

the parade, holding the sound system, lights, participants’ bags, etc.
We can be in the marshalling area at Hyde Park south from *4.30 but have
to be there by 6.30pm for a 7.45pm**start*. Mardi Gras has check points

of entry and you will have to be signed off a list to get your parade wrist
band: no wrist band, no participation. Once in you can check out all the
other floats in our section. We will be notified of the exact street our
float is in nearer the time and will let participants know immediately.
The parade route *takes an estimated 45 minutes and can be up to an hour*,

going from Hyde Park up Oxford St, along Flinders St and out to the Show
Grounds. *Once you’re on the parade route you cannot leave except for
medical reasons, *so make sure you bring some drinks and snacks. The

marshalling area is an alcohol free zone but you can have drinks just
outside if you wish.<http://stopwarcoalition.org/kellie-tranters-statement-read-at-oct-6-rally-for-assange-wikileaks/julian-assange-at-university-college-london-on-sept-30-2010-3/>

We are asking participants for a fee of *$25 *(or $35.00 solidarity
price) to cover costs and fund future SAWC events.* To reserve a place
and find out how to pay, email sawcparade@gmail.com.* Numbers are limited

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