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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Flying Foam Massacre Rememberance Stand up for the Burrup

Flying Foam Massacre Remembrance Day commemorates the genocide of the Yaburara people, original owners of the Burrup Peninsula in NW Australia.

The Flying Foam Massacres - which began on 17 February and continued until May 1868 - were designed to terrorise all of the First Nations people of NW Australia into submission, by demonstrating the savagery of the British invaders.

Since 1965, the Western Australian state has attacked the spiritual and cultural legacy of the Yaburara people and all the Ngarda Ngarli peoples of the West Pilbara, by destroying and desecrating the sacred Murujuga/Dampier Archipelago ('Burrup') rock art.

On Sunday 17 February 2013, we ask First Nations people throughout Australia and internationally, and supporters everywhere, to join in 'Stand Up for the Burrup' photo-shoot actions in support of our demand for UNESCO World Heritage List protection for the remaining Murujuga/Dampier Archipelago rock art. 

Join Ngarda Ngarli Elders Tim Douglas and Wilfred Hicks and supporters from First Nations and wider communities as the Global Stand Up for the Burrup campaign remembers the Flying Foam Massacre .

Our objective is to raise awareness about the massacres which enabled colonisation of Australia and demand UNESCO World Heritage Listing for the Murujuga/Dampier Archipelago Rock Art Precinct

We want to keep in contact with you. Please click here and tell us where you are : http://eepurl.com/mxvlv

Flying Foam Massacre/Murderers Bay info http://www.creativespirits.info/ozwest/karratha/massacres-flying-foam-1868.html


Todays Sydney Event will commence with speakers and a photo / media opportunity at NSW Parliament House Macquarie St Sydney 2000 then further photo opportunities at the Sydney Opera House.

Supported by 
Indigenous Social Justice Association
Idlenomore Solidarity Sydney Australia
Occupy Sydney

Canberra Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/434559253289324/ with Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Adelaide Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/534280649939854/

Gosford Stand Up For the Burrup (some interesting Facts Here)

also Supporting Feb 17 Bambara Festival to Save Bambara Cave Rock Art

Total unknown: 1816 Appin Massacre, 1824 Bathurst Massacre, 1828 Cape Grim Massacre, 1830 Fremantle Massacre, Convincing Grounds Massacre (of the Kilcarer clan of the Gunditjmara people only two survive), 1834 Pinjarra Massacre, 1838 Slaughterhouse Creek Massacre, 1838 Faithful Massacre, Myall Creek Massacre, Gwydir Massacre, Waterloo Creek Massacre, 1839 Murdering Gully Massacre, Campaspie Plains Massacre, between 1840 and 1850 the Gippsland Massacres, 1840 Konongwootong Massacre, 1841 Rufus River Massacre, Lake Minimup Massacre of men and boys, 1842 Brisbane Valley Massacre, Kilcoy Station Mass Poisoning, Skull Creek and Gipsland Massacres,1843 Warrigal Creek Massacre, 1846 Cape Otway Massacre, 1848 East Ballina/Evans Head Massacre, 1849 Hospital Creek Massacre, Butchers Tree Massacre, Avenue Range Station Massacre, 1857 Hornet Bank Massacre: extermination of the Yeeman People, 1861 Medway Ranges Massacre, 1865 La Grange Bay Massacre, 1867 Goulbolba Hill Massacre, 1868 Flying Foam Massacre, 1873 Battle Camp Massacre, 1874 Barrow Creek Massacre, 1874-5 Blackfellow's Creek Massacre, 1879 Cape Bedford Massacre, 1880s Florida Station Massacres, 1884 Battle Mountain Massacre, 1887: the massacres of the Djara, Konejandi and Walmadjari in Western Australia plus a few more up there in the Kimberley, 1890 Speewah Massacre, 1890 to the 1920s the Killing Times in Western Australia, 1906 Canning Stock Route Massacres, 1915 Mistake Creek Massacre, 1918 Bentick Island Massacre, 1926 Forest River Massacre, 1928 Coniston Massacre of 38 people by one sick fucker.
Full list never compiled. Neither were your names. Or all of your tribes.

 I am so sorry
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.Ly De Angeles

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