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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Society Under Attack from Govt: Single Parents

On January 1st 2013 the Callous Australian Federal Government with customary Marie Antoinette like indifference cancelled the Single Parents payment-forcing thousands of single parents onto the disempowering and heavily onerous Newstart,the Aussie version of the Dole.
Occupy Sydney vehemently oppose this anti Family attack on another already economically  marginalised group within society.
The Australian genesis of this flawed Government strategy lies in the Corporate serving McClure report concocted by a Committee steered by then Mission Australia CEO Patrick McClure for the Howard Government. The Report, loosely based on The Alberta Tough Love program introduces some furphies which serve Corporations in their quest to make bigger profits on a lower labour unit cost also serves Government in its quest to manage people and the Marginalisation industry in its perennial  quest for growth.
  The basic flawed tenet is the Reports concept of 'mutual obligation' which holds that claimants of income support should have an exchange obligation i.e. to engage in 'training' (a profitable adjunct for the poverty industry,particularly Mission Australia. If that is mutual obligation then what is the governments obligation when it collects among the highest taxes in the world? McClures Mutual obligation is an additional obligation to paying tax when you work.
  In an extension of the same flawed logic subsequent Labor governments have deemed that Single Parents should not be able to choose full time parenting despite the full time nature of the role. Instead they should make themselves available at often unsustainable pay rates as Corporate wageslaves.
The Government decision to force single parents onto Newstart will have a destabilising effect on families as tired out poorly paid sungle parents are forced to trek hours each day to poorly paid jobs or worse to faux training courses which bring cashflow to monetising agencies while leaving single parent families socially as well as economically destitute.
Occupy Sydney support a Single Parents Social Wage and join grassroots single parents in calling for an immediate livable single parents social wage for those who want it.

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