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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What is Occupy Sydney Today??

Occupy Sydney is an autonomous grassroots Movement adhering to the core principles of the Occupy Movement Globally. Occupy Sydney have maintained a 24 hour seven day occupation since October 15 2011 and are we understand the last occupation to continue to do so in open public space.
56a Martin Place Sydney 2000         corner Martin Place & Elizabeth St           

Occupy Sydney in brief:  As expected, on October 15th 2011 a Movement for Change collided as disparate groups and individuals came together as an instant deciduous tree. The tree of Change born that day was at full bloom replete in all its splendor on the very first day. It was inevitable that Occupy Sydney would undergo a maturity phase and a winter where all the deciduous leaves and flowers would fall away. Occupy Sydney has now weathered that winter. Now we can see exactly what Occupy Sydney is,its resources and its capabilities.
Occupy Sydney Today:
Todays Occupy Sydney functions via Autonomous Working Groups which have autonomy to make decisions on behalf of the General Assembly. Those currently functioning are
Indigenous: Works on Sydney NSW and Global Stand Up For The Burrup Campaigns by consent of Wilfred Hicks Tim Douglas Of the Ngarda Ngarli people>
Another responsibility within this working Group is the administration and development of Idle No More Solidarity Sydney, which supports the concept of Indigenous Women led Idle No More from Canada expanding across global indigenous communities. The Indigenous Working Group also support Indigenous Social Justice Association and Stop the Intervention Coalition work and works with grassroots aboriginal communities.
l  Occupy Sydney Legals. Needs more lawyers,barristers,law students. Contact 0410722000 to join Working Group.
l   Occupy Sydney media: The Media Team is rebuilding with a focus on developing culture jamming multimedia campaigns as drivers of more successful campaign strategies.Call 0410722000 for contacts
l  Natural Hemp vs GMO Cotton: As the Australian Cotton industry has moved to Roundup Ready genetically modified plants on heavily modified broadacre properties using copious amounts of precious water,we are considering the benefits of Natural Hemp as a fabric alternative. Call 0410722000 to join this Working Group.
l  Occupation: To join our Occupiers please call at the Occupation.
l  FreeSchool: One of our more successful working groups is in hiatus but we are resurrecting it.Call 04107220 or ask at Occupy.
l  Extractives Working Group: Dealing with the combined issues of Coal Seam Gas Oil and Mining this working group has actively supported the Glenugie Doubtful Creek No CSG blockade of Metgasco.The Group has also actively campaigned in support of Yirranbandi vs Fortescue Metals Group, Supports a ban on onshore gas hubs for North West Shelf Gas. We actively oppose Whitehaven Coal expansion in the Laird State Forest and the T4 Terminal in Newcastle. Globally we are calling for Australia to join Argentina in freezing Chevron Assets until they havepaid the $17billion they owe  Ask to join at the occupation
Occupy Sydney is active at local national and Global levels.
Legal Actions: Occupy Sydney have supported Farmers in the Walgett and South Australia areas against bank foreclosure.One of these Farmers is bringing a case which if successful may render most mortgage and loan documents invalid. Due to legal issues we are unable to reveal other than that it relates to the application of the Code of Banking Practice.
Still awaiting written judgements are the Occupy Sydney Constitutional Challenge and an appeal against a dismissal of an occupiers Staying Overnight case. In both cases its expected that appeals will follow either way.

Occupy Sydney have not forgotten that Sydney is the most unaffordable City on Earth OR that the core occupy message is eco-socio economic.

Homelessness: Together with the Sydney Homeless Team and Alliance Partners Occupy Sydney have developed a strategy and are working at two levels.We are developing a much needed 5am breakfast Monday to Friday and Hot Nightly Meals 7 Days a week.
Volunteers and Food Contributors welcome.Ask at the Occupation or call 0410722000. We aim to develop the breakfast into a host site for businesses and people needing to recruit construction logistics and hospitality casual workers.We may also offer job specific work training to suitable candidates and consideration is being given to bringng in voluntary Human Resources professionals to assist those seeking and able to work.

Our Ending Homelessness Working Group are developing a strategy to end homelessness in Sydney and Australia .This complex solution includes transfer of tax breaks away non-resident home investors to home buyers, Local body indexation of local wages and salaries to affordable housing by postcode and Mobile Housing as a Social Housing Alternative.  Join this Team...ask at the Occupation

Occupy Sydney are an enthusiastic anti-corporate power activists and active supporters of the Out of Order Campaign.The campaign calls for photos to be taken of all ANZ bank ATMS displaying out of order signs.ANZ are financiers to Whitehaven Coal which plan to expand their Boggabri Mining Operations into the Lairds State Forest.
Occupy Sydney General Assemblies
From February 27th 2013 General Assemblies will be held weekly Wednesdays at 6-30pm. No minimum or maximum numbers apply.

email Occupy Sydney

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