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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stand up for the Burrup Petition

Occupy Sydney are humbled to be participants in the Global Stand up for the Burrup campaign which seeks World Heritage listing of The Burrup Rock Art conservatory.
Our next action on the ground will be May 1St 2013.
The ancient Aboriginal Burrup Rock Art assemblage is the largest and oldest collection of paleoglyphs known to exist. It may be much more. It is often referred to as the longest running documentatuon of a continuously existing culture on this planet. It is Sacred to and in the songlines of many aborifinal peoples. It is Australia's Rosetta Stone.

Recently the Barnett West Australian Government announced the creation of a National Park incorporating 46% of this priceless collection. This status is important because it means UNESCO can now consider The Burrup for World Heritage listing. However preserving a mere 46% is like Egypt preserving one of the 3 great pyramids, allowing a second to be converted to an hotel and leaving the third open to demolition. This will not happen in Egypt and it should not happen in Western Australia.

Global Stand Up for the Burrup - The Petition Site

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