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Saturday, 4 August 2012

COCA : Aussie Laws without Boundaries

A meeting in Melbourne Friday of State Attorneys General while being articulated as "anti-bikie organised crime" in fact applies to the entire population. The Attorneys General agreed that  police will be able to enforce court orders interstate, so gangs won't simply be able to move across the border to escape the law. 
  • The Criminal Organisations Control Act is Not limited to bikie gangs. It can be applied entirely at the discretion of the Police Commissioner-in secret-for reasons which can be kept secret. 
  • COCA can be applied to any group of three or more persons who communicate by any means.They need not reside or be in NSW or Australia. The public has no way of knowing whom the act applies to.
  • Any person who provides a service to or communicates with "a controlled person" is guilty of an offence, no matter how diligently they enquire into the persons status. A social media contact or text message constitutes a breach.
  • The freezing of assets has the highly desirable effect for police of lessening the defendants ability to effectively mount a defence against police allegations.
Should this draconian legislation survive in any form , we kiss goodbye to freedom and enter the era of Australia, the police state. 

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