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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

This is What Occupy Sydney Anniversary looks like (so far)

Occupy Sydney
1st anniversary
Starting Oct 13th
martin place

A buzz is building in Sydney as more people put their hands up to bring their energy to Occupy Sydney's 1st birthday. This is what it looks like so far.

  • On October 15th 2011 the Occupation Story began in Sydney. On October 13 2012 that story continues....


    4 Marches representing the Four Winds will Converge meeting as One to form the body of the Occupy Sydney Anniversary. 
    The Four Winds 

    THE WIND OF HUMANITY : Congolese , Docsbusters , Palestinian , Refugees ,Homeless Latisma Brazilian Indigenous Aboriginal (others still to confirm) will March in solidarity with and support of those whose Human Rights are being violated in Wars and acts of State colonialism and Colonial Capitalism throughout the world. We are people -not commodities. Our Rights and Freedoms and Sentient Rights in our Lands and Waters must be respected. (Route to be finalised) . Australian Governments at State and Federal levels (past and present) are either directly responsible or complicit by association with governments or businesses which carry out these violations.All must be held to account. Speakers from the March will address at Mainstage and be participating at workshops or Forums.

    THE WIND OF TRUTH is about Our Right to know about issues which governments and businesses wish to keep us in the dark about. It is about protecting our Freedoms and Privacy while asserting our Right to Know what they are doing. It is about our Right to privacy 

    THE EARTH WIND: Anti Nuclear , No uranium, Food Justice, Food Security, Sustainability , Forest Action, Marine Preservation, Mining Practices

    The Fourth wind is still to be finalised.

    When all Marches have arrived a Parade of Placards will leave for NSW Parliament where a Media & Public photo opportunity be created along the fence. The Placards will then be reclaimed and the parade will return to Occupy Mainstage where the placards will be placed around the Stage Area.

    An Occupy solidarity statement with Australia's Indigenous Peoples will be read.

    A Welcome to Country will be Performed.

    A Welcome to The 1st Occupy Sydney Anniversary Festival will be spoken... a site information message will be delivered and ...let the Games Begin :) 

    MAINSTAGE: Reserve Bank Top area: 
    Multiple Musical & Entertainment Acts

    Feat indie band Novakayn

    (confirmed) Novakayn will play live
    (please add as friends so we can share together ~ www.facebook.com/Novakayn2 ) 

    interspersed with

    Social Change


    Economics speakers ,

    PLUS: appearances by Faces of Occupy past and present. 

    (confirmed) Novakayn will play live

    (please add as friends so we can share together ~ www.facebook.com/Novakayn2 )

    A Children Safe Play area.

    AFFORDABILITY Forum : ( Lower Reserve Bank Area , Phillips & Martin Pl
    October 13th 12 noon to 6pm. Lower Area. Free Food (inc.l Barbecue) -

    The Affordability Forum will 
    Free Store - PROMOTING THE CONCEPT OF FREESTORES as part of our Repair and Reuse before Recycling Platform. Free Giveaways -FURNITURE Clothes sports gear , camping equipment (to prevent Flea marketers some restrictions may be placed on what is taken. 
    a discussion about homelessness and sustainable affordable living possibilities...
    FREE COMPUTERS: courtesy of the Occupy Sydney OpEquip Project

    a discussion about alternatives to owning or renting housing
    Tent Living (BYO) 
    An Announcement of a Strategy to End Involuntary Homelessness and Provide Affordable Housing for All Citizens and Residents within 15 years.
    Some long term strategies.

    Occupation Area : Cnr Elizabeth & Martin Pl (near Channel 7) 

    An Occupy Sydney Art Photographic & Videos Exhibition... 

    ECONOMICS FORUM: The Economics Forum with keynote speaker Prof Steve Keen 

    Affinity Groups Info Zone:

    Chillout space: 

    Needed: What would you like to bring to Occupy Sydney Anniversary??

    Still to come

    Occupy Sydney Free School

    Occupy Knitters

    Inter Occupy Solidarity 

Martin PlaceSydney, Australia 2000

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