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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Occupy Frankfurt Eviction

  The overnight eviction of Occupy Frankfurt in Germany sees another lynchpin Occupation shut down (however temporarily) as the State once again moves to repress dissent and reinforce the rights of capital over the needs of people. 

 Frankfurt Police sourced reports misinform the public about the nature of Occupy Frankfurt - widely circulated in faux mainstream media reports saying that "the activists have left and Occupation has been taken over by homeless people is merely an attempt to deflect criticisms of political policing. Doubtless many of the MSM darlings who presented as "The Face of Occupy Frankfurt" are gone- some never really part of the occupation- But according to spokesman Kai Schlicksupp  there are a core of some 81 activist occupiers including homeless people with a very political agenda.

The Occupy Sydney Occupiers know Eviction. Our Mainstream media have reported Occupy Sydney evicted on multiple occasions. We know to the predisposition of Police top brass to use darkness surprise stealth and subterfuge supported by 100 Riot cops to try to impose their wishes rather than apply laws at 5 in the morning. We stand in solidarity with Occupy Frankfurt who have no intention of "going away" and may reoccupy or occupy a Squat.

 Occupy worldwide send the message that the people need to reassert and reclaim their control of Government - if there should be government then it should carry out the will of the people - not impose its , or its corporate friends -will over us.

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