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Friday, 24 August 2012

Occupy Sydney Anniversary

On 13th October Occupy Sydney will begin our 1st Anniversary Celebrations.

The Four Winds Convergence
The Event will start with a convergence of 4 Winds which will March to Occupy Sydney at Martin Place. The Winds of  Truth Earth Humanity and Family will each bring their own unique mix to the central Occupy celebration at Martin Place.

 Novakayn will headline an array of entertainers at the Original Occupation site Martin & Macquarie.

 A Housing and Affordability Forum will be the Focal point of the Central Events platform Martin & Philips.

A collection of affinity groups will disseminate information around the Economics Forum at Martin & Elizabeth.

There will be Free School

There will be a Legals Event.

there will be what your work input and energy bring to Occupy

There are so many problems and for as long as we allow others to decide for us those problems will only become greater.

 Occupy Sydney has been bringing issues to your attention since October 15th 2011. We have helped you come to the present public understanding on issues such as the impacts Woolworths and Coles duopoly have on everything they touch.And you have responded. We established our (and your) right to protest at a time and public place of your/our choosing. When confronted by police wind sleet and cold we stayed Occupying. Today is a cloudless clear day and still we occupy. We have much work to do and can but be what you choose Occupy to be. If you are silent and still other people will make the choices and we urge you to be neither. We urge you to not see wrong and do nothing. We urge you to not see right and be silent. Only by us all doing both will our grandchildrens generation live in a better world than we.

 To know something is wrong and do nothing is to consent and this we must never do. Occupy is a platform where we keep discussions going until we reach a mutually acceptable understanding of an acceptable way forward. It is not our ideas -it is your solutions to the problems others have foisted on us all. And unless we address them we will never see change for the better.

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