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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Economics , Affordability in Australia & Occupy related pamphlets needed at Occupation

The Occupation is using copy from the Zines and the Zines themselves to deliver our message and stay engaged with the public.
 Your assistance with writing pamphlets (even using articles with currency you find online-quote sources) or printing out Zines is appreciated.

Here are the Zines in printable format.

Christine Assange, Lizards Revenge, Lessons from Iceland, Free School, Save Gosford Public School, Hydrofracking Explained

Questions of Real Rigour, Indignados, Free School, Sacred Economics, Occupony

NAB vs The Farmers, Advertising in schools, 1116  Occupy Sydney Policing, Justice for George, Hand signals, American Autumn an Occudoc

Justice for George, Podcast, Occupy New Zealand, Occupy Workflow, Free School, Mathematical argument for the existence of climate change, War on Democracy (2007)

Pod Cast – Robbery with violence, Legals fund, Honduras under the thumb of international 1%, Occupy Content Management System, Dreams on streets of Martin Place

Building blocks of Freedom, Solidarity with Honduras, Julia Gillard’s criminal history

Free School – Mic-Check Party – Occupy the Courts – Police Brutality

Montreal - Lizards Revenge – World’s largest open cut uranium mine

Police brutality – Iceland – Free school – Activist self-care

15-M – Inequality - Monsanto - GMO

COCA – Why the system isn’t broken – Story of your enslavement

City Talks – Meditation at a riot – Tax

How Police subvert the judiciary – General Strike

Guide to staying overnight – Occupy Haikus – ALEC, Big Phama and the Medicalisation of Poverty – Occupy DnD

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