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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Wind of Truth : Occupy Sydney: 4 Winds Convergence

Shoutout to our Wikileaks / Assange / Manning / Internet Freedom / Anon Family. 
The Occupy Sydney Anniversary 13 October will start with a convergence of 4 Marches representing the 4 Winds. 

 The Australian Government has been remiss in its duty to protect its imperilled citizens in foreign lands. Julian Assange and Austin G Mackell received almost no support from our government which seems more interested in preserving its relationship with an increasingly questionable American State than protecting the rights of its citizens.

 The callous indifference to truth of Australias government is borne out by Prime Minister Gillards personal indifference to commitments she made to the electorate. Julia Gillard sold out solid election commitments in the name of Party Political Power and expedience. 

 In developing Wikileaks Julian Assange took the view that the people deserve to have 100% of the information required to make informed decisions. That is a reasonable proposition. From Wikileaks efforts and the sacrifice of ethical people like Bradley Manning we were able to learn about incidents like Abu Ghraib- Human Rights abuses and War Crimes perpetrated by the very countries many believed were working ethically for peace. Thanks to Wikileaks that wilfully constructed fabrication has far fewer believers today.

 This week Australia passed into law legislation which forces Internet Service Providers to hold ALL of your communications information for two years. There is no guarantee that your personal information (including emails) will not be sold to commercially interested parties or is in any way secure from, for example cyber criminals or worse, agencies of government with an interest in shutting down political dissent.

The Wind of Truth will march from Circular Quay (British Consulate) via DFAT & US Embassy then to Occupy Sydney. You are welcome to set up info tables as part of the event @ Occupy. 

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