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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Aboriginals discuss escalating rent strike into Occupation

  A long festering dispute between the Bourke area Nulla Nulla Land Council and its tenants may escalate from the rent strike many Alice Edwards Village aboriginal community tenants  have maintained for in some cases years to become an Occupation for Tenant Control. Tenant representatives travelled to Sydney and tonight are holding a marathon meeting to strategise the possibility of Occupy protesters joining their community to demand properties neglected for years by the Council be passed to tenant control. 
 Tenant representatives report that the Land Council has at best been tardy with maintenance. Snake infestation of homes is common and control a landlord responsibility, yet despite a young child requiring hospitalisation some time ago for potentially deadly snakebite the snakes remain. Lack of maintenance of electrical systems has left many homes dangerously wired.The council says severa; homes sholud be demolished.There are families who are fearful that they will be left homeless by the heartless actions of the local Land Council.

 A group of Occupy Sydney occupiers are readying to join the residents should residents request our participation as protesters.

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  1. Dispute between rules, tenants, and owner are is almost inevitable. That's why I personally wouldn't prefer to rent a house. I make sure we have enough electrical equipment, and warehouse needs, for renovation and home improvement instead of moving out.