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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Family: The basic building block of Community, Society

Why do successive Australian and international governments act eyes wide shut to the plight of Families??Why are children and parents who want to be together forcibly separated by self serving government departments?? Why are politicians deaf to the pleas of distraught parents robbed of their right to raise and rear their families in peace? Why do governments not work with families when issues are evident within them instead of invasively stealing children to feed the Government - Sector Australian Child Gulag in their quest for profits??

 Within the Occupy Sydney community are a strong resilient alliance of participants who believe that Family is the basic building block of society is FAMILY.- and that government wilfully colludes with unelected interests to weaken and undermine family thereby weakening community and ultimately societys capacity to resist or reject control of people by increasingly tyrannical government. "The people should never be afraid of their government - but government should always be afraid of its people"
Heres Jordans Story 
being denied a hearing by 
Prime Minister Julia Gillard

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