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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Occupy Sydney Moves Forward-GA Monday Oct 22 5-30pm

Please Note: Monday 22 October GA will proceed regardless of numbers.

Input on the Wiki here

  As the Southern Summer 2012 brings warmer climes to Sydney and our First Anniversary is passed , Occupy Sydney remain one of the few Occupations worldwide to have maintained a 24 hour 7 Day Occupation -and the only Occupation to do so in the centre of their country's recognised financial district. Martin Place is of course Sydney's (if not Australia's) Wall Street.

  Occupy Sydney's First post anniversary General Assembly will be held from 5-30 pm Monday 22nd October at the Occupation Site (corner Martin Place & Elizabeth St) near Channel 7. This General Assembly will formulate a roadmap to advance Occupy Sydney as a movement for change reflecting the international values of the Occupy Movement while factoring in unique local issues paramaters and conditions.

  The Occupy Sydney of October 2012 is quite different from the vehicle which roared into life on October 15th 2011. It has shed those who came to sell their isms convinced that their leadership alone was what the world so desperately needed. Gone are the polarising idioms and images. In place today is the basis of a movement capable of genuinely accomodating the aspirations of the 99%. In place today is an open platform where the common aim is people driven ,people controlled change. On the table are discussions about issues affecting us locally and Globally. Your ideas for people driven people controlled change are welcome. We aim to make a better world possible

 This Weeks General Assembly is about

  1. AGENDA ITEM:  identifying issues within Occupy Sydney structurally -and addressing those issues by putting in place appropriate Groups and strategies to facilitate effective delivery. (replacing those which have ceased to function). These 
  2. AGENDA ITEM: Identifying Core and empathy issues locally  nationally and globally which Occupy Sydney will invest resources in working for. This issue may at the discretion of the meeting be notified and implemented at a later meeting.
  3. AGENDA ITEM: CONSENSUS & the OSYD GA decision making process: a) What is consensus?? b) What type of decisions require consensus? c) What other decision making process can we adopt for urgent (such as time sensitive) decisions?
  4. Proposal: That the Hand signals shown at right be adopted.
  5. Proposal: That with the exception of Knitting, Media ,Occupy My Mind, Free School and Legals all other current working groups be declared vacated.
  6. Proposal: That Working Groups become the appropriate place to discuss related issues and that Working Groups have full autonomy to develop their sphere of operations as they see fit.
  7. Proposal.That Working Groups decide and enact their own decision making process as they see fit.
  8. Proposal: That a new Statement of solidarity with the 99% be formulated replacing the current GA statement .
  9. Proposal: That all online Occupy Sydney entities current and future be recognised as part of the Occupy Sydney discussion with equal standing, provided they are within the core values of the International Occupy Movement AND not disendorsed by Occupy Sydney GA.
  10. Motion of Support for Scarlet Alliance and condemnation of NSW Governments attempts to license or criminalise sex workers. ( https://www.facebook.com/iwwsydney/posts/427474487302551 )
  11. Notification: Discussion Days: Each Day at the Occupation will Focus on discussions about a specific issue. SUNDAY: DoCS out of Families Day-by Docsbusters,Family Name and Shame File and Ride Against DOCS. MONDAY:?? - 5-30pm GA TUESDAY: ?? WEDNESDAY ?? THURSDAY ??? FRIDAY(night movies??) ??? SATURDAY ??? Free School. Examples could be ECONOMICS - HOUSING  & AFFORDABILITY - SOCIAL JUSTICE - HUMAN RIGHTS - CORPORATE PARASITES. 
  12. Notification: Stand up for the Burrup Action December 2nd -Occupy Sydney to Occupy Sydney Barracks as part of 100 World Heritage Sites Campaign.
  13. Notification: That an Occupation working group will form consisting of Occupiers and regular Occupation participants.  Requirement for this Group are that participants be Overnight Occupiers OR participate at the Occupation for a minimum of eight hours per week OR be specifically invited to join the working group by a majority of Occupiers.
  14. Notification: 
  15. Notification: Occupy Sydney Protest Commonwealth Bank 9am 30 October at Convention Centre Darling Harbour. Working Group forming, meeting after GA.
  16. Notification: Occupy Sydney Vigil Tuesday October 23rd : Join Facebook Event  .
  1. I know I'll never forget 5am October the 23rd, 2011.

    Is anyone interested in doing a Vigil for our One Year since the violent & illegal eviction from Martin Place by 120 Riot Police ?

    The time and place is changeable, I suggest either the Rocks Police Station or perhaps Surry Hills Police Station, other suggestions of course are welcome.

    Maybe a Silent Vigil with a banner, or a mic check or even
    a re-enactment if people are up for it


  1. GA details now up on wiki at
    Please add any items you wish discussed

  2. GA Minutes now up on wiki at
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  3. breaks editing the page??? How???

  4. When wrapped by the Visibli bar, click the "edit" link for the wiki page (top right beetween "Read" and "View History", next to the search box).
    On three machines for me, Chrome refuses to do anything, and Firefox changes to a blank page with just the Visibli bar. IE shows the error "This content cannot be displayed in a frame". Visibli breaks it :)