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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Occupy Sydney connecting with Sydney Homeless

 Since its inception, Occupy Sydney has engaged at one level or another with elements of the homeless community. In fact Occupy has almost continuously had direct participation from at least some of the local homeless community. 

 These connections have been less than accidental. There was for example nothing accidental about the decision to locate the Occupation in Martin Place in close proximity Sydneys main ad hoc and organised homeless services venue. 

  Occupy Sydney are now a resource for genuinely Homeless people in Sydney.Leveraging partnerships with skilled non government/ngo affiliates the Occupation has become a regular point of contact and inquiry for the City's Homeless.

 Through partnerships Occupy Sydney has become the sole defacto 24-7 contact point for Sydney Homeless people requiring blankets and advice on resources. 

 From today the partnership will grow further as The @SydneyHomeless Project and Occupy Sydney begin flowing out the following services:

  1. Managed Removals Solutions (available now)
  2. Removalists Prepacking Service
  3. Casual Labour Hire - CBD specialists 24-7 removals, logistics 
  4. Street Promotions Casuals
  5. On Street Advertising
  6. Ambush Marketing
  7. Logistics Solutions.
  8. Commercial Power-Saver Solutions
  9. Electrical Services 
  10. Social Media Management  Strategies & Consulting
  11. Events Photography & Video Production (including Livestreaming options) 
  12. Commercial Film Production
Call 0410 722 000 24-7
You can also Contact @occupySYDNEY or on Facebook

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