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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Brazil: Agri Business in drivers seat on FOREST CODE - indigenous out in cold

Rousseff takes the last step in the process of the Forest Code, and with partial vetoes, consolidates legislation that has little protection and a lot of devastation. Civil society is mobilized by popular zero deforestation law.

As the lights went out on Wednesday, the federal government announced the partial veto the Provisional Forest Code, closing another chapter to disassemble the Brazilian environmental legislation and passing a clear message to those who deforest our forests for years and are committed to impunity: crime was worth it.

Even with the vetoes, the law maintains the amnesty.Forgiveness who illegally deforested remains to establish lower limits recovery to those who overthrew forest by 2008.Moreover, with the new law the legal uncertainty in the field will continue. The standard will address how uneven owners who have the same conditions, which can cause questions in court. Unfortunately, even with vetoes, the new Forest Code ceases to be a law of forests to be a law that consolidates illegal deforestation.

"Despite warnings from scientists and scholars on the subject, and the clear opposition of several different sectors of society, Dilma chose the path of retreat ruralista. Throughout the process of dismantling of environmental law, the government was negligent or was colluding with the proposal of what is latest in agribusiness, "says Marcio Astrini, Greenpeace Amazon campaign.

Henceforth, the country no longer has one of the most modern forestry legislation in the world to make way for a law tailored to the interests of agribusiness eager to expand on forest areas. The legislation became a patchwork in which agribusiness - not the forest - is the central issue. Besides the amnesty to illegal loggers, the new law brings benefits large estates and legal loopholes for more devastation purposely left in the new law.

"The environmental issue live one of his worst moments under the tutelage of the current government. Never seen so much bad news out of the Plateau in so little time management, "says Astrini.

In the past two months, deforestation in the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, is growing again, compared with the same period last year. In August, an increase of over 200% in overturned. Over the past 50 years, Amazon has already lost more than 720 000 km2, an area equal to the sum of the states of Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul, ParanĂ¡ and Santa Catarina.

The problems regarding offensive deforestation on forests are just beginning. The caucus has also attacks the protected areas, indigenous lands and Maroons and the revision of rates of land reform. The increased use of pesticides, expanding the boundaries for the purchase of land by foreigners in the country and even the weakening of labor laws in the country are also in the sights of agribusiness. "The agenda ruralista always been clear. The difference is that now found a government willing to bargain with that agenda, "says Astrini.

Forests are essential to ensure the balance of climate, biodiversity conservation and livelihoods of millions of people who directly depend on it to survive. In Brazil, this vegetation is responsible for much of the rains that irrigate our crops and that supply our water tanks. Moreover, what we have currently open land, we can double our food production without having to stop any more hectare of forest. There are currently more than 30 million hectares of degraded land by livestock only unproductive.

To ensure the protection of our forests is urgent that Brazil has a law of zero deforestation. This law of popular initiative already has the support of nearly 600 thousand people who signed the petition. "The text written by landowners and approved by Plateau brings no rules to improve environmental protection or combat deforestation. They made a law for the deforester. We will make a law through the forests. "

originally published in Brasil (Portuguese) here  http://oplanetaemmovimentojanetemelo.blogspot.com.au/

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